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Hi there, had my laproscopy on Wednesday, but revealed no Endo, so im feeling quite down about it and back to square one,

Also there was no aftercare, and no advice, Im still feeling really sick, loads of nausea and ive vomited once, Is this signs of an Infection, or Is It normal. Also got all the gas pain still, not been able to pass gas yet or go to the toilet for a poo, feeling very bloated. Ive not changed my wound pads yet, Im going to do that today. xx

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  • I felt sick and nausea while still in hospital so they gave me something to take. I drank mint tea and sparkling flavoured water to help get rid of the gas, so I burped and farted quite a bit.

    I hope you get some relief soon.

  • Hi Poppyhead, thanks Ill try some sparkling water and see if that helps xx

  • Sound advice there from poppeybead. May I also suggest Andrew's liver salts and fresh oranges. Should really help with trapped gas, bloating and constipation. I usually take a little more Andrew's than it says on the box, but it always does the trick. (Just make sure, if you do, you're not far from a loo!

  • Hi Suzi, thanks Ive heard of Andrews liver salts, Ill try get some tomorrow, and hopefully will work xx

  • Movicol i did take before and after surgery it helps with making it softer, especially when you just had an operation and you wont put any strain on your wounds.

    I felt very sick after waking up, so they gave me some meds before i left hospital. We still had to drive for over an hour, so they kindly injected me with something and this helped. It is probably after affects of meds when you had surgery.

    What kind of things are you experiening before you went in for surgery? You must be feeling a bit deflated, because if you put your mind to something what it could be and the surgeon sais it isnt this is very difficult to deal with.

    Try to walk little bits every day, even just in the house, this will help with gas pain as well.

    The wound pads i taken off pretty quick and let it dry. I didnt put anything else over it and it healed a lot better.

  • Hi, I been getting a lot of pelvic pain, vagina pain, lower back pain, exhaustion, bladder problems and very bad period pain. So I thought for sure I had Endometriosis.

    Yes good Idea about the walking ill try walk to the kitchen a bit more too and fro. xx

  • Hi there

    Do you have a follow-up appointment booked so you can discuss what the problem might be, if it is not endo? How disappointing for you, I bet you feel a bit confused and vulnerable? See if you can get some answers.

    Best wishes and heal real fast


  • Hi Squibbitus, I got a follow up appointment in 3 weeks, it looks like there putting it all down to I.B.S., yes feeling very disappointed, I paid for the laproscopy as I was desperate for a diagnosis, but I never got one, just I.B.S. which I know I have, the symptoms Ive been getting are far different to my usual I.B.S. symptoms. xx

  • Awe Hunni that's a shame that they didn't find anything but sometimes laprostopy can miss certain areas were endometriosis can grow as I kept going over and over with gynaecology that I no I have endo it was just getting them to believe that it wasn't in my head I had numerous hospital admissions and my husband and myself told them straight I kept having lower left pelvic pain two periods a months depression feeling drained and stomach bloating but when they did do my lap they found that I had endometriosis in my womb and aheadions on my pouch of Douglas which attached itself to my my womb but I think u should get more answers as u no ur own body and no when something is wrong I hope u feel better soon xx

  • Hi Nicolahunny, yes feeling very dissappointed, I was so hoping on a diagnosis after my laproscopy, there putting it down to I.B.S, but I know its not this, ive had I.B.S. for years, and these symptoms are very different. xx.

  • I think u no yourself just because your lap didn't find endo doesn't mean u don't have it I think u should ask for a secound opinion from a endo specialist or ask for a referral to a endometriosis specialist clinic if u go on bsge website it will tell u how to go about getting refered to one or c if ur gp will refer u

  • thanks Nicolahunny, I dont know if the gp will refer me again, as this was my 2nd opinion, but I could try. I'll have a look at there website, thanks for advice :) xx

  • No problem cook keep me posted and hope you get answers soon best of luck to you and rest as much as you can xx

  • Nausea is common, they pump you with gas, which can have that effect. The fact that they did not see endometriosis does not mean that you do not have it, did they do any biopsy's? Probably not, which means that they may well have missed it. Was it an experienced team who specialise in endometriosis or just your local gynae. Other symptoms are common, you've had an invasive operation and need at least a week of rest and recovery. It will take your body several weeks to throw out all the residue from the drugs they used.

    Best wishes

  • Hi ccfd9, no they didn't do any biopsys, It was a gynacologist with a keen Interest In Endometriosis, so I thought he was the right man for the job, I paid to see him and get the laproscopy, I thought for sure I had endometrios. he was my 2nd opinion, I feeling drained. xx.

  • Sorry you have been suffering but what you describe all sounds normal. Did they say what could be the problem if no endo was found? This happened to me after my first surgery no endo and told I had IBS and was referred back to my GP but the pain continued for another 5 or so years until a year or so after the birth of my son and I finally had a second lap where endo was found and was most probably there the first time round but was missed. If your pain continues do make sure you seek help.

  • Hi Newton72, there putting it down to I.B.S., but Ive had I.B.S for 9 years, so I know its not that, as the symptoms are far differrent, im feeling really drained, I paid to see the consultant and the lap, and I feel I have gotten no where, and I was so desperate for a diagnosis. xx

  • Hi, I've had two laparoscopies so far with a lot of other tests done during the procedure which left me with awful pain, nausea and vomiting too. The vomiting, my doctor thought, was from my body adjusting to the antibiotics due to the changing ph balance in my bladder, mine faded after 4 days or so. If you are unable to keep your antibiotics down you should contact your doctor.

    The pain and the gas will definitely ease in time but it will be uncomfortable for a while. To help this try walk around a little and plenty of water and soups as they are easier to digest and prune juice helps with constipation! Good Luck! xx

  • hi Khara,

    they didnt even give me any antibiotics, even after I said my wee was stinging, and that I felt sick. xx

  • Hi,

    I saw a comment about you having IBS and was wondering if you have ever tried keep a food diary or if you've looked at the Low FODMAPs diet or a low histamine diet? Many of my symptoms which I thought were from the endometriosis cleared up before my lap after following these diets. Keeping a food diary really helped me see the foods I reacted to which helped with m histamine intolerance diagnosis.

    Also, finding out that I was deficient in vitamin D and taking ranitidine also helped with my pelvic, bladder and back pain as the inflammation was quite severe and vit D helps with the inflammation.

    I know this must be frustrating, hang in there!

  • Hi Khara, ill check that out the FODMAP diet, so did they not find any endo with you, did they put it down to I.B.S. I will try the food diary and look at the FODMAP diet, thanks for the advice, yes vit d, is very good for you, I know im lacking Magnuesium, so maybe I should take extra tablets of that, to see if it helps xx

  • I would suggest talking to your doctor before starting a new diet so I think just making sure your meals include a lot of anti-inflammatory foods is the most useful!

    I hope you find something that helps!

  • Hi Cook1977, I too had suspected endo but after laparoscopy last August they found no endo so they sent me for an MRI in September. As you know probably yourself the waiting around for results is a killer, but got my appointment on January this year. They had no results from my MRI but the consultant whent back thru my file and found the internal scan results that I had from before the laparoscopy and told me is most likely I suffer from adenomiosys. He told me then, that we're going to wait for the results from the MRI, in the mean time he give me 2 options regarding my condition. Long term pain relief if I want more babies or hysterectomy if I don't. Here is a link that I found and it kind of reassure me that this is what I suffer from. The symptoms are 99% accurate. And I wished he'd looked over that scan report sooner as it could have spare me the pain of unnecessary laparoscopy. Xx

  • Hi Mamarvg, so with that condition, can that be not detected on a laproscopy, or can it be found still, Ive had a laproscopy, and he said that he couldnt find anything, and that all my organs looked fine, but I was concerned as he never picked up on my bladder prolapse, so I was worried Incase he missed anything else, but I will check out the Adenomiosys. I had a ct scan and it showed an abnormal uterus and fluid stranding, but he said that my uterus looked fine, so im very confused, I dont get my post op appointment for another 3 weeks. I hate all the waiting around, its Killing me. xxx

  • Here is the link


    Hope it helps. Xx

  • thanks Mamavg, I will check that out xxx

  • Hi,

    I know how you're feeling. I had a laparoscopy on Monday. I was told I have no endo. After suffering for 13 years I was really hoping for a diagnosis so I could put a line under things. I feel angry at myself because what I have been experiencing must be normal but I just can't handle it. I've had a coil fitted at the same time so hopefully that should sort things out. I suppose I just feel a broken and lost so you're not alone. Xxx

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