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Mirena coil/is heavy period like pain normal at first?

I'm 9 days post lap and mirena coil. At first it felt a little uncomfortable and tender and had minor bleeding for first two days and then that all stopped for a day or so. Then this brown discharge started which has been occasional every day since. I keep thinking I feel so much better one day compared to how I did straight after op and then the next day I just feel like crap again; it's been so up and down. Yesterday and day before were much better days overall but today I've woken up not feeling the same. Really achy with harsher pains and then I all of a sudden got this horrendous period like stomach cramping which has just been getting worse and it's literally reduced me to tears. I'm on tramadol again and paracetamol as still in pain, had to come off naproxen due to bleeding with bowels and the unknown cause, buscopan didn't help me. Just seems like these aren't helping today or they're taking forever to kick in... I'm just so sick and fed up with being in pain every single day of my life since last September. Are these things all normal at first with coil and if so how long do they go on for? I was on cerazette just before op which stopped periods and horrible period pain but not general pains. Could I maybe in more pain because I have a double uterus? Please any support and advice give to me! Xx

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I constantly have a hot water bottle or one you can put in the microwave. Constantly having herbal teas to help ease it too. I hope your pain eases x


3 months and it still hasn't settled? Bloody hell. See I find heat doesn't work for me unless it's a not too hot bath. Cold seems to help it more. See I gave up caffeine which didn't help so then tried not eating bread, pasta so much which also didn't help plus tried some other swaps of things or cutting out but nothing has made a difference. I actually notice healthy acidic or citrus things make the pain worse. I'm not feeling as bad today thank you but still the crampy feeling. Xx

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I bled for 6-8 weeks constantly after I had the coil fitted was horrible was so heavy didn't like leaving the house as I was so drained. And coil didn't make any difference anyways to pain, as was still unbearable most of the time. Hope u feel better soon x


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