Mirena coil horrendous pain!!😖😭

Hello ladies

Has anyone had or currently have the mirena coil fitted I've had mine in for 3 weeks and four days today as have severe endometriosis bleeding has got a lot lighter but the cramps and pain are just as painful if not worse at times like my pain I would get during my period before I had my laparoscopy I'm just wondering if having a lot of pain is normal I know everyone is different but just would be nice to discuss with ladies that are going through or have had the same issues as I'm having

Emmajane xx

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Hi, I've had my mirena for 5 months and I haven't had a period but still experience really bad period pain. I've just had a laparoscopy which diagnosed endo and my surgeon told me before had that the mirena can take 6 months to kick in and reduce the symptoms so it can be worth keeping it in even if you still get pain. Try a TENs machine you can get special period ones or a Wheat Heat Pack from Amazon I couldn't survive without mine. x

Thanks Hun will defo try anything to ease the pain I'm already getting sick and tired of being constantly on my period and just doing normal things like cleaning pulls everything and sets the pain off its ridiculous and like you say I know it can take upto 6 months before I even start to feel the full benefit just need to keep pushing through but it's sooo hard 😢 xxxx

Hi. I had a the coil fitted last August and had it removed 3 months later. I had a period the whole time being on it. I had bad pain. Sickness. Head ache. When I spoke to my consultant he said that it needed to come out as it was not a agreeing with my body. So as much as they say 6 months, if u really don't see a improved speak to ur doctor or consultant. Hope this helps. X


I had my coil fitted in December it's done nothing for the pain in fact it's probably worse but on the plus side after 3 months my periods have stopped,it does take the 6 months to settle so I would see how you are after that,I am trying alternatives for pain relief such as tens,heat lamp,yoga and have just started acupuncture all in the hope that I don't have to rely on pain killers. All the best


I had a lap 1.5 weeks ago and had the mirena fitted and endo removed. Ive been in terrible pain with contracting and heavy bleeding even more than i usually get on a period (which is saying something!). i have a friend who says it tookher 3 months and another who said it took her 1 but neither have endo as well. Im now concerned this will last for months as well and not sure if i can handle it! Buscopan actually helps with some of the spazms ive been having. My consultant advised me to get as on top of pain meds as possible too so take them every 4 hours on the dot which has helped a little. Other than that im in the same boat im afraid and dont really know!! Good luck xxx

Hiya, I had a mirena fitted to help with endo aft my lap, I bled for the first 3 months and was in a lot of pain with mine. Backwards and forwards to and from docs, ended up on anti depressants to deal with how it affected my life all round - put my foot down at month 9 to have it removed and felt much better once it was out. I still have my endo pain symptoms on the pill but the mirena was definitely not for me. I spoke to so many about it, there are women who told me hang on it gets better aft 1 year and others who found it a dream from day 1! How are you now? I hope the pain has eased for you xx

Hi KimberleyAnnne I will of had my mirena coil in 6 weeks tomorrow still bleeding constantly actually felt back to normal yesterday but then today more bleeding and horrible pain and cramps sweating bucket loads too I think it's starting to affect my relationship with my fiancé aswell because we've not been Intermet since I've had my op he's not really been there for me and won't talk to me about anything which is quite worrying not sure what to do anymore I just feel so down and annoyed now already and it's only been 6 weeks can't be doing with feeling like this for 6 months to a year it's already doing my head in just fed up and feeling alone 😢 xxxx

Oh no 😔 well we are all here to vent to and talk to, you are not alone xx

It affected my relationship with my fiance too, and yes o my goodness I forgot about the sweating! I sweated bucket loads too and started to find it quite embarrassing!

Only you know your body and how you feel, sometimes I find listening to too many different stories and advice can confuse us more. Perhaps sit down and write out the pros and cons of having the mirena coil are for you and see what answer that brings you to? I hope you figure out what you want to do and/or the symptoms die down for you soon xxxx

I've had mine for a week, still having pain and its worse than before I had it fitted but not as bad as at my worst. I'm not bleeding apart from the odd spot which I usually get during ovulation. I'm pinning all my hopes on this working out. My friend has had one and was fine by the next day

Hi I know my step mum has had two but hers weren't to treat Endo so I suppose like everyone keeps saying to me everyone's different I've been constantly on my period for 6 weeks now since I've had it fitted and taking 8 zapain a day for my pain I did actually feel like my normal self yesterday even though I was still bleeding and managed to only need to take 1 zapain just to relax me yesterday morning before I went to a christening but today the pain and cramps are back with a vengeance I don't think I can cope with this for upto 6 months until it possibly settles down its the uncertainty that I really don't like 😢 xxxx

hope it settles for you and works for you! Think its one of them situations where you have to weigh up just how detrimental the symptoms arennow verses the possible outcome of things being better.

Hi, I've had mine for 6 months now. and the first 3 months were awful. I was in a lot of pain (some of this was from surgery), I was very down in the dumps but again this could have been post surgery blues, and I was bleeding for about 3 months. But the bleeding did get lighter and eventually stopped.

And now at the time I think my period should come I get period like pains but no bleeding. Which is great. And the pain is no where near as bad as it used to be.

See how you get on, it is still early days. But if you really can't cope then see your consultant.

I had the mirena coil 4years ago and like you I had severe cramps - 6 months of agony I had an emergency ultrasound scan and it showed the coil was in the wrong place and I had an infected pelvis - this was the beginning of my severe pelvic pain which I still have now. Ive had 3 operations since due to endo, my last op was April this year which was a hysterectomy and I now have more pain than before xx

That doesn't sound right. Maybe you need to check if the Mirena has moved or been expelled in a heavy period. (The local family planning clinic thinks this has happened to me as I've gone from good manageable periods for 8 years to the flooding and clots I experienced pre-mirena)

I have an internal scan booked on Tuesday to see if they can identify what's going on.

Get some help and if necessary ask your GP for an emergency referral. I did on 22 Dec and I'm in for my scan on 10 Jan.

Good luck 😊

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