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My partner can feel my coil, is this normal?

I had a lap done on the 19th of June and had the merina coil fitted at the same time. I've literally had problems ever since. I know they say it takes a while for the bleeding to settle down but my god im exhausted. I have two urine infections and a pelvis infection since the op. I manager a bridal shop and on Saturday I was so poorly from the tablets that I had to go home. I couldnt stop being sick and had to call the doctor out. He just advised to stop taking the anti biotics.

I get married on the 18th of August so this is more of a problem now then ever before. I went to the doctors monday who gave me Norethisterone to stop the bleeding, which it has thank god. But since taking the tablets I keep getting pains in my lower tummy, literally I will be ok and then I get a really strong cramp feeling. Does any one know if this is normal once the bleeding had stopped?

Also me and my partner had inter course for the first time last night and he said he could feel something stabbing the top of his penis. I burst into tears as I can see how I can take it any more. I'm getting married and its supose to be the best time of my life but at the moment all I worry about is the pain and the bleeding and now on top of all that my partner can feel the coil.

Can anyone help with some ideas?

Thank you xxx

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If the coil has slipped down which it can do in the early stages, then it needs to be removed and replaced. Until it has built up enough goop around it over several months, they are prone to shifting around.

I know this sounds icky, but if you can use a finger to feel up inside you to the cervical opening you should be able to feel the bottom of the coil if it has slipped down.

If you cannot feel it then you could ask the Clinic nurse to take a look.

The two strings do hang down and he could well feel those which would be normal and they can be cut back if they are a problem for you, but that does make removal of the coil more difficult later on.

The GP might send you for an ultra sound scan to check the position of the coil. please don't panic. It's good that you two are talking and he feels comfy enough to tell you now, that he can feel the coil or the strings, and you do have enough time to get it checked out.

If you are going on honeymoon, then perhaps if it is out of place, the best thing to do is to have it removed, stick with the norethisterone religiously right the way through the wedding and honeymoon and afterwards try getting a new mirena put in. There is no time limit on taking norethisterone, but because they are tablets, be careful of any tummy upsets that you might get if you go abroad as they can wash away the tablets before they have had time to work and that sets off a period. That is the main risk of norethisterone, you can't forget to take them or get the runs while taking them as that does trigger a period.

Having said that, you can still have sex when you are on a period and your hubby can use a condom to avoid too much mess.

If the coil is in the correct place you should not feel it at all in day to day activities. so it does sound like it may have slipped down.

My coil is squashed up inside one half of a deformed uterus and it does occasionally tweek and twinge but hardly noticeable and it is bent out of shape to be in there so by rights i would expect to feel it more, but it is rare that i do.

My strings did get swallowed up inside one of the uterus sides early on in the proceedings

But somehow they have since dropped down again recently and I can now feel them both with a finger just inside the vagina.

Tell your GP Clinic that you urgently need this looking in to as you are getting married v. soon and going on honeymoon and don;t want to have that spoiled by a slipped mirena. I am sure they will understand your concerns and do all poss to speed up sorting you out.

It is a pain to have to add this to your pre-wedding preparations on top of everything else, but it can be resolved so please don't fret about it.


I can't thank you enough. I feel like a massive pain always in and out of the doctors. I'm sure they are starting to get annoyed.

I was dead set on having the coil, I was bleeding for around 2 years and couldnt see how the coil what help. Now i've got it I really want to hang in there and see how it goes. I just hope it's not slipped at all.

I will see my doctor tomorrow and see what he/she says.

Thanks for all the help. It's nice knowing your not alone, lol xx


Also, he may just be feeling the strings - mine were very pointy until they softened up and curled up around my cervix. That was a whole new experience for hubby!!

Good luck :) x


My hubby could feel something sharp too, he hated it and moaned and groaned. I had my strings cut when I had my first lap and he said it was better but could still feel something. Speak to your doctor about it. Take care X


why are men so fussy? LOL.

another option is to install a cap over the cervix to act as a cushion so their precious sentivities have a softer landing.


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