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Couldn't fit the Coil

Hi all ,

After much debating by me I finally gave in and decided to have the mirena coil fitted after being told that it was pretty much my last option after having a lap, prostap injections and different types of the pill . 

So I went to have it done with at my GP's today and after a lot of pain and poking and prodding they said that they couldn't fit it as my cervix wouldn't open . They have referred me to gyne in the hospital again and said that they will fit it in theatre under general anesthetic. In a way this seems like a good idea as it was so painful but when I went into theatre last time for my laparoscopy I developed an infection and absess afterwards . 

Just makes me wonder if it's worth doing. Until now I have been taking the pill continuously without a break and haven't had a period for about 3 months. It's just the pain is getting worse 

Has anyone had the same problem where their cervix wouldn't open ? I'm 24 and haven't had children . 


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Hi, I havnt got an answer to your questions but just wondered have you been seen at a bsge centre by a specialist, only if you have had a lap and are still in pain, this would suggest that some endometreosis has been left, xx


Hi there, I was initially referred to a community gynaecologist after a scan found an endonetrioma and this was the first treatment option offered. They couldn't insert it for me either as my cervix wouldn't budge. It was definitely an  unpleasant experience! I've had a child but by c section so that may be a factor. I was offered a lap with mirena coil insertion but after finding this forum went back to my gp for a referral to a bgse centre. I'll wait and see what treatment is offered there. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! 


Hi. I had my first Mirena fitted under general. I then enjoyed 4 years of best quality of life out of 19 years with endo. It is different for everyone but I enjoyed a full and active mostly pain free life with this coil. 


I've not had the same problem, I had mine at my last op but it's really changed my life and I would recommend anyone giving it a go. It will take a while to settle but personally I've  found it worth it.  Have to have mine replaced in 18 month time and I'm already worried about it as I've not had children either.  I'd suggest under anaesthetic is best, I don't see how you would develop an infection this time as there's no surgery taking place but I understand why you'd be apprehensive.  Good luck. x 


Hi, which pill are you on? The coil only releases a small amount of hormone into the uterus. It stops someone women bleeding which helps with pain. It stops someone Women ovulating which helps with pain. If you are currently on a pill that stops your bleeding anyway a coil won't make much difference Unless it stops you ovulating and there's no guarantee of that.  What happened during your lap? Did you have endo lasered or excised? 

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