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Success in treating Endo with Mirena coil alone?

Hi everyone, I was wondering how successful the mirena or other hormone coils are in treating Endo.

I'm nearly 19 and have had troublesome periods for about 6/7yrs. Everything from 4months of bleeding, to nothing for 6months, to extremely heavy bleeding, to extreme pain, to 2weeks on, 2weeks off - its been a real rollercoaster. Finally last year, I got a new GP who said enough was enough and referred me to gyn. Gyn said it wasn't PCOS and diagnosed me with Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Disorder and told my GP to prescribe a progesterone only pill, telling me on questioning that it wouldn't be Endo from my symptoms, as I had concerns. One POP worked for 3months and then reverted. Another made things worse. In the meantime, I became sexually active and discovered I had extreme pain and bleeding during and after sex. I also looked up more symptoms and things were adding up. I went back to my GP and got a referral back to gyn. I also had a mirena coil fitted to try and help my symptoms as well as as contraception. Got to see a new gyn 2 months later, who after chatting to me and performing an internal examination, told me she was almost definite that I have endo. She couldn't give me the something or other acid for pain as it has warnings for those who have seizures so I'm stuck with just paracetamol and codeine, which don't help much. She said she's treating me for endo. I've got another appointment in December, to see how the coil's working at the 6month mark. So I was wondering how it works/worked for some of you guys?

Sorry its a bit of a long one, any replies would be much appreciated! Thankyou 😊

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It was mixed for me. After 6 weeks it stopped my periods, bliss. But it never settled and caused Me mild to moderate daily pelvic pain. In the end after 5 months I decided it wasn't worth the trade off and took it out.

Some Endo types, particularly deep RV nodular like I have can become hormone resistant so in part it will depend what type of Endo you have.

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I was around 6 weeks in when I saw gyn and about 9 weeks in now. I'm having really erratic bleeding and pain, quite heavy as well. But we'll see how it goes anyway. Thanks for replying!

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People tend to say 3 months is a good road test for it to settle. I had mine in right after a period which may have helped cycle wise.

Good luck whatever you do.

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Yeah, I've heard that, gyn reckoned 6months. I had mine right at the tail end of one because it was meant to be less painful and help with cycle quicker but I guess its different person to person.

Thankyou! Hope you're doing okay 😊


I had a mirena coil fitted during my laparoscopy in Feb 2016 (I have endometriosis and PCOS). For me it has been a life saver. It did take a few months to settle down and my first period post-coil was literally agony. However it did settle down and I don't bleed at all now. Given the state I was in before I can say that it has made such a big difference to my life. I still get some pain in my lower back and legs but I find it easier to control and nothing like what I was used to before.

Obviously I have no idea how the hormones are controlling the endo, the only way I would know is from another lap, but it's made a huge difference for my symptoms. For me it was absolutely worth waiting it out for my body to get used to it.

One difference is that I did have it fitted after I had had a lot of my endo removed (cut and lazered) and I assume this had a positive effect too.

Good luck and I hope you make some progress in December. :)


Thankyou! And thanks for sharing with me, hopefully things will go just as well for me😊


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