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Mirena Coil...terrified!!!!

Hey ladies,

I am booked in on Monday to get the mirena coil fitted, I'm absolutely terrified I've read so many horror stories online & from family members who have tried it and their body has rejected it.

I'm only 21 and haven't had a baby so I'm so scared of the pain of insertion because my cervix has never been opened. Im so tempted not to turn up to the apt as awful as that sounds but I'm so scared 😩 I have to do it as it's my last option before I have extensive surgery and being left with a huge scar down my ribs to my belly button so I have to give it a go.

Just wanting to know if anyone was in a similar position & can tell me of positive experiences!

Hope you're all well & having a pain free day xx

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I had mine inserted during my lap so I can't tell you about that bit. I never had kids.

My experience was that I bled much heavier than usual and actually non stop for 5 or. Six weeks. This is normal and is your uterus shedding it's lining apparently. I felt fluey and a bit wobbly I did get intermittant twinges of pelvic pain ( but I was also recovering from diagnostic lap and cyst removal) then I suddenly turned a corner and my periods stopped and my pelvic pain twinges settled. ( No idea if they were surgery or coil related but normal paracetamol worked) You need to give any hormone treat a good 3 months I think to see if it works as your own hormone production needs time to adjust. At week 4 I was exhausted needing iron supplements, tearing my hair out and about ready to yank the thing out myself I felt so rough but a week later I was suddenly almost normal all the bleeding stopped and it was very nice not having periods.

It gets horror stories cos a lot of people don't realise it takes so long to settle and give up because the adjustment phase isn't fun. But it doesn't agree with everyone and some people do suffer on it and it never helps them. I was told it has a 60% success rate, but it's a case of suck it and see.

I've since tried zoladex and cancelled the removal and left the coil in as I am finding the zoladex worse by way of side effects, so I guess everything is relative!


My situation is totally different to yours as I had my mirena fitted after having had two babies, but the insertion was uncomfortable, nothing more. I had it done in my gp surgery by the (female) gp and a nurse was present. It has been great for me - stopped my periods (after a few months) and associated pain. I've had it in since 2013. Have you been advised to take some pain medication beforehand? I know it's tempting, but try not to read any more about it online - people tend to just post their negative experiences, very few people post the positive ones. Good luck. Xxx


Hi LoliLou,

I know it's easy to say and hard to action but please don't feel terrified. I completely agree with the previous posts that people tend to only post their negative experiences which is natural as one needs to express how their feeling and a friendly understanding forum such as this is an ideal place to do that.

Like you I have not had children but I have had two Mirena coils fitted (the first one was removed as it moved slightly - an unusual occurrence so I was told).

My first experience was a bit painful, as I did not take any painkillers, but I learned from this and took some for the second and it was fine. Remeber to take them in advance so they are working in time for your appointment. I would also try to relax as much as possible! Again, I know easy to say... But it really does help.

Since the second Mirena has been in place by periods have not stopped (but I take other medication that interacts with this) but they have become more "normal" the frequency and duration and the period is now manageable and I am delighted with the results.

Good luck on Monday xxx


Hi I've had mirena inserted it was fine it didn't take long everyone different. Take pain killer before hand stay calm good luck xx


I've had mine 2wks and in slight pain after reading these posts I feel better Yeah reading too many posts can freak u out best to stay away from posts and just get on with it..will be seeing my gynie in 3 months so I be asking her more questions good luck all x



I would take some pain killers before that is what I was told it really isn't bad at all you soon forget that it's there I was told to take period pain medication for a couple of days after and take things easy on the day that it's fitted to me it has helped and it has to be worth a try it does take a few months to settle and don't listen to all the horror stories for such a lot of people it works really well.all the best treez


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