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Cerazette or the coil?

Hi all,

Pretty much every GP and Gynae I've seen over the past year has suggested the coil as a treatment for my (as yet undiagnosed) symptoms.

After many many appointments I've managed to push for a diagnostic laparoscopy and it's just been scheduled for 3 weeks time.

I know they often suggest putting the coil in when they do the surgery, but I'm just not sure about it, I've read and heard so many awful stories about it.

I used to take Cerazette, and it stopped my periods, which was great, but I had some side effects, some of which stopped when I stopped taking it(recurrent UTIs, almost daily headaches). But some of them never went away and I now realise they are in fact probably symptoms of endo (pain during sex, IBS like symptoms, fatigue).

So, since Cerazette did not cause all the symptoms I thought it was causing, I am now wondering whether I should try going back on it after I have my lap...my thought is that I know that Cerazette stopped my periods before(which would surely help reduce my endo symptoms greatly), whereas the coil is a complete unknown for me.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences, or has tried both and whether they had different experiences on each of them?

I know they are both progesterone releasing contraceptives, but I have read they have different doses of the hormone, and also that the coil is a much more localised treatment whereas the pill releases the hormone in to your blood stream, so it seems to me that they are potentially quite different treatments?

I'm trying to make some sort of decision on this before my post op assessment next week, so that I can tell them what I want so that they don't just go ahead and put the coil in.

Of course maybe I could just tell them I don't want to make a decision until I know the results of my surgery. All of my experiences with doctors so far have made me feel like I really need to be prepared to fight my own corner at all times!

Any input would be very much appreciated


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I have tried both, Cerazette made me have spotting bleeding constantly and so far Mirena is the same (although I am less than a month with Mirena). I don't have any pain with Mirena or any other noticeable side effects so far.

One thing I would say is that if you are thinking of trying it I would have it inserted during your op while you are under general anaesthetic. X

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Thank you, you've definitely given me something to think about, I have to say I do prefer the thought of getting it put in during the op if I am going to give it a go.xxx


I was exactly the same as you, so unsure on whether to have the mirena coil fitted as I had read soooo many horrible stories but can I just say, I am very glad I got mine fitted.

I had it fitted during my op so luckily didn't feel it being inserted which I have heard is not very pleasant. I'm not going to lie to you, I was in agony the first week and I had a period the week after my op and it was horrendous, the worst I have ever had which is saying something considering the periods I used to have... BUT, this coil has changed my life. They tell you to wait 6 months to notice full effect and changes but it only took my body about a month to adjust! My daily pain went away completely, I could exercise without keeling over in excruciating pain, I stopped getting pain during and after sex and just felt so much better. After suffering in agony with my periods for years I now have pretty much painless periods, if you would even call them that! They last a couple of days and I think I get one day where it is actually proper blood. I don't even have to wear tampons.

I would really recommend the mirena coil for someone suffering with endometriosis. I know that everyone is different but it has really worked for me and my auntie, who also suffers with this condition.


Hi Ella, just to add on to what Megvarn has said.

My coil was fitted during a lap and my endo nurse recommended that I continue to take the pill afterwards. Which gave me almost 2 months to recover from surgery. Maybe you can ask about this when you next see your doctor?

And the first 3 months were hard for me. I felt quite down in the dumps. And while I did have bleeding it wasn't like a period. It was very light, I think I was more annoyed about having to wear "big girl" knickers and sanitary pads every day!

But I have had the coil for almost 8 months and I haven't had a period for about 3 to 4 months.

My mum had a mirena in the late 1990s/early 2000s and it didn't help with her bleeding (she has endo too). So I always thought it would be the same for me. I have been pleasantly surprised with how well I am getting on with it.

I would say give the mirena a try. And hopefully it works for you x


Thank you caroline, that's interesting that they kept you taking the pill for a while as well, I will definitely ask about that, I had no idea that was a possibility. I will be in the middle of a pack when I go for my pre-op next week and I wasn't sure what they would have to say about me finishing the pack.

My mum had it too in the 90s and really didn't get on with it, that's part of what has made me so reluctant, so it's really nice to read your story.


Thank you so much for sharing Megvarn, it's really encouraging to hear that it has worked out so well for you, I'm feeling much more willing to give it a try.

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Im doing great with Cerazette... the pain is gone and no spotting. Im trying to excersise more(even with fatigue) and removed sugar, gluten and some other things from my diet, the combination is good :)


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