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I'm new here and all in a tiz


Hi everyone,

Not really sure where to begin..

I was referred to gynae last year because of my heavy periods, pain and bleeding during/after sex. I was told last year that I was 'very bulky' and my cervix was bleeding and inflammed. Gynae told me to stop taking the pill and so I have but symptoms haven't improved and so he's said I need to go for a hysteroscopy in the next 2 weeks as he said he was almost certain it's endometriosis. He's recommended the coil to help with the irregular and heavy periods.

Is a hysteroscopy as bad as I've read? I always find examinations so painful and I've always bled after I've had one.

Thanks for reading


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Hey don't freak out ... I did that and it as fine. Read my post on hysteroscopy xx

Hi pandy, will you be asleep for the hysteroscopy? If so you won’t feel a thing. Hannah

Pandy29 in reply to hanybobany

Hi Hannah,

They didn’t say. I’m very much hoping for local, at least!

Ok well good luck and it really won’t be as bad as your expecting, these things never are. They have to give you at least a local anaesthetic so you shouldn’t feel very much, afterwards might be a bit uncomfortable but just like a period

how did you get on?

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