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Thank you and my lap story

Hello all!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all those who shared their lap stories. It was a big source of comfort to me leading up to the op and I thought I would do my bit and share my story.

I had my lap on thursday 21st april and was a day case at the hospital. I was in admitted at 12 and went through a pre op checklist with the nurse before getting changed and then waiting with my partner. I also got to see my consultant and my anaesthetist too (also a consultant) to go through last minute checks. 

I was the first on the list as I was so super anxious about the general anaesthetic, my anaesthetist was lovely and let my partner come in and hold my hand until I was out which really helped me calm down. The anaesthetist gave me a very powerful sedative prior to knocking me out which made me go all woozy and airy fairy then before I knew it I was waking up in recovery - this was the hardest bit, they had pumped me so full of drugs, I could not keep my eyes open. I remember looking at the clock and it saying 4:15 then 5 mins later it saying 4:35!! I woke up in a bit of pain but they were happy to give me more morphine. I also asked for water and biscuits fairly early on because my mouth was so dry and I was hungry - which incidentally I do not advocate as I was really sick from the morphine! I spent about 2 hours in recovery before they moved me to a sitting down recovery - I made a beeline for a comfy chair by a window which was heaven and then my partner came back through to sit with me. The nurses wanted me to pass urine before I left but I didn't have the urge and by this time it was 6:30 and i just wanted to get home, so they let me go after doing a bladder scan and advising me to come back if I hadn't passed urine by midnight ( I did by 10:30pm on the comfort of my own loo!)

Day 1 post op I was really woozy and slept a lot - managed to go for a small walk and was on painkillers all day.

Day 2 felt more clear headed and again slept and ate and just relaxed. Went for another small walk and by then the shoulder tip pain ramped up - see my tips below for coping with it!

Day 3 I felt a little better - reduced the amount of painkillers I was having and slept a lot again after another small walk - drove down to my partners and slept some more (I can see a theme here!)

Today is day 4 and I can honestly say I feel improvement every day I haven't taken many painkillers today and am feeling good!

All in all a good experience and my lap showed no endometriosis or fibroids (YEY!) but a lot of scar tissue from my previous appendectomy - part of my bowel was stuck to my abdominal wall. I have had hardly any bleeding from the hysteroscopy - literally a small amount on wiping.


In my bag for the day I packed a pair of clean pyjamas, M&S pants (so comfy), toothbrush, sanitary pads, face wipes, lip balm, dressing gown and slippers - didn't need much else and it was no nice to brush my teeth after. 

The night before I changed by bed linen, hoovered my room and had a good clean which meant when I got home it was nice and tidy and I didn't have to worry - was so good getting into a clean bed!

Sleep Sleep Sleep!!!!! I cannot emphasise this enough - you have had a general anaesthetic and surgery. I literally cannot stop sleeping. 

A small walk every day helps shift gas and promote recovery but only do what you can - my walks lasted 10mins if that and after I was so wiped out I slept!

Being upright made me have really bad shoulder tip pain and diaphragm pain to the point where it was so sharp I can hardly breathe - I found that lying down helps shift it and stop the pain in your shoulders along with heat pads or hot water bottles of ease the pain. Massage always helps too! 

I have been drinking mint tea, chewing gum and strong mints till the cows come home but have since found a new remedy which is lovely, soothing and helpful - boiled water with fresh mint leaves, ginger and lemon. really good! 

I also have found that my appetite hasn't been brilliant. totally normal and only just starting to eat properly - I figure as long as we eat well little and often then its all good!

Codeine makes you constipated. Eat fruit or get some fybogel to avoid the pain I had on my second night!!

I have been signed off work for 2 weeks (I am a midwife) and work are very supportive. I take my hat off to those who go straight back to work! 

Also today (day 4) I flew home for a couple of days - flight was fine and cabin staff are more than helpful. 

Hope this helps everyone as much as you all helped me! Feel free to ask any questions. This was my first laproscopy and hopefully my last!


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Glad to hear it went well, and hopefully you will be fully recovered soon,


Brilliant summary, I wish I'd had that before my lap. You will have helped a huge number of people with the detail in here. X 

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I'm due my first lap on Friday 13th (of all the days) and I'm absolutely terrified about the general anaesthetic to the point where I'm thinking of cancelling the op. Reading through that has calmed me a bit.  I was under the impression no one was allowed on to the ward with you and I'm worried about sitting on my own and getting myself really worked up about it on the day. But I think I'm going to ask if someone can stay with me! Thanks again and hope you feel better soon xx


Dont worry, they are usually very nice. I had to be in hospital night before the operation because of the bowel prep, and they let my husband to sleep in the same room (it was private hospital but nice anyway). They usually give you nice sedative. I was not lucky enough to be back home so quickly, I had to stay 4 days, but all together it was not such a bad experience. Dont cancel your operation. You will feel much better afterwards!

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PS> I was endo free several years after the lap. It is the only real treatment which exists. 


I was really scared, but the staff is amazing and really helped me getting over this fear. The unknown is always scary, but it will be ok. Good luck and lets us know how you are. X

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Hey - thanks for the reply - please don't worry about the anaesthetic - I know its not helpful saying that but I totally understand where you are coming from, I almost cancelled on the day I was so nervous about the anaesthetic but honestly it was totally fine. Just explain to the anaesthetist that you are super anxious and they will do all they can to look after you. I cried pretty from talking to the anaesthetist pretty much until I was knocked out and held my partners hand the whole way through. I totally get where you are coming from but honestly it was absolutely fine XX

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Thank you so much for posting this, I am having my first lap and a hysterescopy on 18th May and feeling really anxious, especially about the anaesthetic! 

I'm glad your procedure went well and I hope the rest of your recovery is speedy :) take care xx


It is very normal to feel scared. I was really scared, but the staff was brilliant and cant complain at all about their service on that day. 

Good luck!!


Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing, this will be very helpfull for others who didnt had an operation yet. I wish i had this info 2 years ago. Best of luck to your recovery. X


This is wonderful! Awaiting date for my first lap and have been piecing together advice from ladies on here. This is a great summary of what to expect and how you found it all.

Hope you're feeling 100% soon.

Thank you :)


Thanks for all the lovely comments! now day 5 and I feel like a new person - I actually got changed out of pyjamas! and I didn't have a nap today!! big achievements :P xxx

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Glad to hear your feeling better xx


I had my pre op today and the nurse said I seemed really anxious (which I am). I was diagnosed with anxiety last week due to this. I was nearly in tears because I'm so terrified! Anyway... I've been told I'm not allowed anyone with me on the day and even when I said pleaseeeee I've still been told no! I'm on the verge of cancelling now because I'm getting so anxious and worked up about the surgery and when I'm on my own it makes it worse. Alone got any advise?


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