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Lap 2moro morning + just found poss naval infection!?!?!? Advice please?

I was taking my naval stud out and noticed a funny smell and that the area deep in the naval is a little red. Is also a small red line coming out and to the left where the skin creases. Surely I can't have the Lap now can I, cos they won't make an incision in an infected area will they? I've never noticed a funny smell or redness before, cos I don't study my naval when I clean it in the shower!

Am so gutted and worried - don't want to get ready and go all the way through to Middlesbrough to be sent back home to re-schedule my op. Please someone - any advice? Am actually crying as I'm typing this. Sara xx

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Not good news there - please call the gynae ward right away. They may want to see you tonight to assess the situation and possibly allow someone else to have your theatre time allocation if you cannot be operated on tomorrow.

It does happen that we pick up infections and virus, coughs colds etc before a planned surgery and have to postpone, but it can mean someone else gets your appointment if they are on standby so it isn't a complete waste and you in turn may get their next scheduled slot in a few weeks time once the infection has cleared up.

Don't leave it till tomorrow, inform them right away, the phone number for the gynea ward should be on your letters from the hosp.

They may decide that it is only superficial infection and not likely to be a problem and that the surgeon may be able to put the laphole further down or to one side to avoid the problem area which would set your mind at ease tonight.

Lesson learned - piercings can become infected if neglected as can lap holes and the belly button is the most common location by a long way for such infections.

It's a pity you didn't spot it sooner, but these things happen. Just do your level best to inform the hospital and co-operate willingly with them about resolving the situation and getting new appointment if needs be.

Let them know you would be willing to be on standby at short notice for any vacancies that may crop up in the theatre roster once you are in position to have the op.

Very best of luck -hope it isn't too serious and you can still have your op. They may just decide to isolate the wound and dose you up with antibiotics tonight and still go ahead tomorrow.


No, Impatient, it's NOT my stud that's caused the problem. The problem is deep in the naval, like as far as you can touch or see, not from the pierced holes which are right at the top. Sorry if I gave that impression, but I'm 39, had my stud for nearly 20years and never neglect it, so no lesson learnt here. And like I said, I couldn't have seen it sooner, as I never study my naval when showering and I didn't notice any symptoms beforehand!

I can't inform the ward as no-one is there tonight. Obviously I would want someone to take my place but I can't help that. Just because I'm disappointed (anyone in my position would be), doesn't mean I would not be adult about it with them if they won't let me have the op. I will tell them as soon as I get there tomorrow and see what they say. Absolutely gutted. Sara.x


Hi Sara, it might not be infected - if you have no other signs of infection ( swelling, pain, raised temp ) it may just be that a good clean was all it needed. As a nurse I've seen hundreds of wounds/ irrigated many an orifice and it doesn't necessarily mean its infected so try not to worry. You do right to mention it ofcourse :-) to put it into context, after my lap I did not play around with my glue on my belly button like some people can't resist doing so it was on there for weeks till it naturally fell off- one day I noticed that it was smelly, It had also be leaking a very little amount after a shower. There were no other signs of infection but it was just getting a bit wet and not being able to dry off thoroughly. It may have led to an infection in time but it was certainly not infected then - It went on to heal beautifully - I just kept an eye on it made sure it was clean & dry. So good luck for today, I hope it all goes smoothly for you :-) :-) xx


Thank you Petunias - there is no pain whatsoever or swelling so lets hope! Just about to leave now so fingers crossed! Thanks again! x. Sara xx


Thats good :-) take care & keep us posted :-) xx


Fingers crossed all goes ahead for you, where it's been warm it might just have got a bit sweaty and sore, hopefully it's something very simple. Good luck x


Thanks Nayjay and all who replied - I DID get it done! They said it wasn't infected but just a bit like you said Nayjay, and were still able to go in via the naval, but just a slighlty different angle to avoid the most red area.

The endo was stage 2, with my left fallopian tube stuck to the side of my womb and they freed that and were able to remove all the endo that they could see. The surgeon is a endo specialist who specialises in surgical procedures for endo and he is known for his fantastic results and for taking more time than "normal" searching for endo so it couldn't have gone any better really. He also put something in to help stop adhesions forming - some ling or gauze I think?

Also got mild adenomyosis but am relieved and happy it's all over for now. Sara xx.


Im glad it went ahead, and went well for you! Whilst its a long road ahead atleast you know what you are dealing with! Look after yourself,rest up and i hope your recovery goes smoothly xxxx


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