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Having my lap in morning, any advice?

Hey ladies, my lap is tomorrow afternoon and I'm so nervous. I think I'm fine with the surgery just not with being in the hospital. It's a treatment lap assuming they find Endo and I'm having the mirena fitted too.

Also can you request what painkillers you get? I know it sounds odd but I handle codeine and diahydrocodeine best and I just don't want to wake up high on morphine as it makes me delirious.

I've packed a an overnight bag even though the nurse said I wouldn't need one. Please tell me if I've missed anything; slippers and robe, loose clothing, underwear 2 sizes too big, a small pillow for comfort and for the ride home, toiletries, strong mints and peppermint tea, healthy food for after op, throat lozenges, lip balm, ostentatious socks, magazines, money, meds and inhaler, phone and portable charger.

I'm driving myself insane sat on my own overthinking :(

Thanks ladies xxxx

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Must take chocolate..... Helps with the recovery !

Tell the doctor that visits you before the surgery, what pain relief you prefer.

I hope it all goes well.



Good luck for tomorrow :-) Hopefully you'll get a chance to speak with them about your pain killers before your op :-) I packed a pack of pads too for post op bleeding & a pack of toilet wipes were a godsend to help feel freshened up down below ( useful though to have a little carrier bag for rubbish at your bedside if your restricted to bed like I was initially. I also packed ear plugs to help me settle. xx


Thanks ladies I've added chocolate now and pads and wipes :) Thanks for the wishes xxx


Wow....you are very well prepared! I agree with the other suggestions...especially pads. And maybe something nice to drink when you come round. And magazines or a book to read while you're waiting to go in...which for me was quite a while! Good luck! I had mine last Monday and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be x


Wishing you well with your recovery!


Hi all just in recovery now. They found no Endo now how do I go from here :( what're the hell is all my pain coming from xxxx


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