On waiting list for my first lap

I saw a gynaecologist for the first time in February after suffering for years. He put me on the list for a diagnostic lap, which should happen around mid-June.

I had my pre-op appointment last week, which I had assumed would be with an endo nurse or similar, but was in fact just a general appointment to assess anaesthetic risk etc. So she couldn't tell me anything specific about the procedure, including whether it will be purely diagnostic, or if they will remove anything if they find it.

She advised me that I will be seeing my surgeon and anaesthetist on the day of surgery, so I can ask any questions then...

I feel like I know what is likely to happen and what to expect, but only from my own research and through being a member of this forum. I have not had any medical professional explain to me what endometriosis is, or anything about the surgery other than the doctor that referred me, who's words were 'i think we need to look inside, is that OK with you'

Is this normal, or should I have had a better, more specific 'pre-op'??

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  • I hadn't had very specific pre op but at my general pre op, the nurse there arranged an appointment with the consultant for me. However, this meant an additional two month wait for the procedure. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

  • Thanks for replying. I guess I can wait to speak to my surgeon on the day if another appointment would mean further delay!

  • Hiya, I'm in a similar position in that I am awaiting a diagnostic laparoscopy. I have my pre-op on Wednesday and had some questions I wanted to ask as like you I have done some research and think I know what's to be expected. I'm sure you feel a bit like me, left in the dark so far! I've been advised my lap should be no more than 3 weeks after my pre-op so I hope someone can answer my questions! Hope it goes well for you x

  • Thanks for replying! Sounds like we have had very similar experiences! Good luck for your op xx

  • I didn't have a specific pre op . It was mainly to do blood work and talk through any worries I had about anthestetic . X

  • That's what I had last Friday. It's reassuring to know others have had similar experience, and I haven't missed a consult out! xx

  • hello, I had my first lap diagnostic operation 8 weeks ago, my pre op was just swabs for MRSA, the consultant I saw who said I should have the operation wasn't the consultant I had on the day, I did however see her at the hospital before I went down we did agree to put coil in if endometriosis was found but she couldn't tell me alot because she didn't know what she would find. Also after surgery because it was a day case I didn't take any information in afterwards as I was still sleepy, so only now 8 weeks after surgery I ave have been to see my consultant for appointment do I feel as tho I ave all the information I need.

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