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Lap op long wait not sure I can keep taking the pain

I was refereed for a diagnosis lap in August as consultant strongly suspects I have endo. Was told I would wait up to 18 weeks. Just called hospital as now over 18 weeks ago and its not looking like i will get the op till mid March as I'm still not top of the waiting list.

I am in so much pain, and due to other issues can only take certain painkillers which don't do much, I really dont know what to do with myself as I'm so tired as the pain either stops me sleeping or wakes me up. I cant do my normal exercise classes as the pain is too great even a gentle walk is too much. My life is on hold and each month it gets worse. I really felt once consultant agreed to the lap the end was in sight.

Rant over!

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I hope theres a cancelation so you can get your op sooner🤞🏻


I thought if you were waiting too long for the NHS to preform the lap., then you can get it done privately? Ask Endometriosis Uk for advice they will put you right. And you rant away girl if the pain is that bad go back to your GP and get things moving. Let us know how you get on. Good Luck!


Thanks will ask for advice.


Just a suggestion, but, have you spoken to your gynaecologist secretary to explain how much pain you are in? I don't know how it works down south as I am in Scotland but I got a follow up appointment with my gynae 4 weeks earlier on the 1st of last month by ringing and checking if any cancellations in the weeks before. I had a second ultrasound scan showing 2 ovarian cysts had grown since the previous scan 12 weeks earlier.

My lap surgery for a unilateral salpingo ooperectomy (removal of left ovary, Fallopian tube and the 2 cysts) is now booked for Jan 29th but would have been sooner but I asked to delay due to Jan being our busiest month at work. By the 29th it should have calmed down.

I have to be honest I'm regretting delaying it now as the pain is bad but it may be worth a phone call?


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Well last week was a nightmare for pain but as then had period all has settled down again for now. Thanks for responses.


Hi I’m sorry to hear you’re going through so much pain. I had my appointment with my gynocologist in April last year and have been waiting since then for my lap op. I rang them at the end of last year and was told that it can be over 8 months wait time unfortunately 😔 and that mine was likely to be in February. I don’t know if it’s just depends on where you live in how long you have to wait but they did tell me that if I go to my GP they could maybe get it pushed up a bit. Not by much but it could mean a few weeks being in less pain.


Its really hard waiting and putting life on hold


I was in the same situation as you, I was looking at a long wait but the pain had become almost unbearable, I wasn't able to go to work. I spoke to my consultants secretary explaining how bad it had got and also saw my GP and he wrote to her too suggesting I needed the procedure quicker. This helped immensely. I was referred in the August and had my laparsocopy at the end of November (I was told by the ward that it was a 20-30 week wait!!).


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