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1st Laparoscopy Advice etc

Hi Ladies,

I'm sure this has probably been asked before on this forum but I had a look through and couldn't see anything recently. After umming and urring about whether to have IVF before or after a Laprascopy, after advice from you lovely people on here and an email from Robert Winston (Genesis Trust) I've decided to get the op done before, currently booked for May 5th.

I've got small endometriomas on both left and right ovaries so doctor thinks I've at least got stage 3 endo. As this is going to be my first op I wanted to ask your advice on what to expect, questions below:

- How long is the surgery and on average the recovery time? I've had laprascopic surgery before for gall bladder removal and it took around a week so I'm guessing this is going to be similar.

- How is your first period afterwards usually? Heavier and more painful or lighter?

- How long realistically after the op can you have sex?

- What are the chances of natural pregnancy afterwards? And, how long should you give it before going in for IVF? My NHS gp has said that we should try naturally for 3 months and if nothing then go in for the IVF (we're currently entitled to 2 free rounds). I'm 34 (35 in October) low AMH 8 pmol, FSH 6.5 so don't want to wait too long.

- What sort of questions should I be asking my consultant? He already knows that we are trying to conceive so he'll be applying that in the surgery.

- Last question, bit of a random one but for those ladies that have experienced stabbing pains up the bum - where has this correlated to the location of your endo?

Thanks for reading and any advice you can think of for a first timer appreciated! :)

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Hi there,

This was my experience which I hope helps you:

1. How long is the lap? Mine too an hour and a half and I took 2 weeks to feel like myself but was (slowly) up and about within 4 days

2. My 1st period was heavier and quite painful but I had been warned so I managed it well with painkillers left over from post the lap 

3. Sex - I had it 8 days afterwards gently! I'm sure it can be done sooner but judge by your bleeding/pain

4. I hear you'll be able to conceive relatively quickly after healing as long as everything else is ok and post an short term hormone tablets you may or may not have to keep endo at bay (according to my consultant). See what your consultant says and if he thinks he got It all and if he can flush out your tubes while Down there to check for any other blockages etc

5. My bum pains were linked to both a fibroid on my bowel but also endo on my ligaments 

I really hope this gives you a starter for ten. Fingers crossed for you. Xx


The evidence is that chances of conception are increased after a lap. But if it is suspected that you have at least stage 3 endo then this should only be carried out in a specialist centre so I assume this is where you are being treated? A general gynaecologist will know this. Such excision surgery could take several hours and several weeks to recover from. Pains up the bum might suggest endo behind your uterus on the uterosacral ligaments and there are nerves on the ligaments that can be damaged which is why skill is required when excising endo there. 


Hi Lindle, thanks so much for your reply. I'm having my surgery at hove at the montifiore hospital by James English who's a member of bsge so I should be in good hands, thankfully my work insurance will cover the cost! I'm predominently doing it to improve fertility I'm 34 and it's taken 2 years of no pregnancy occurring and to get a proper diagnosis of endometriosis felt like a constant battle with gps! :( 


I'm so pleased it's with a specialist.x

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I just wanted to say I feel your frustrations. I am fed up of visiting hospital now!

I found out I had endo in 2010 when they went in to remove a large ovarian cyst and found it quite extensively in various places. Annoyingly we didn't try to conceive afterwards because we got married four months after then my husband went off to Afghanistan for seven months! We've now been trying to conceive for five years :( We had two failed rounds of IVF last year and in January this year I was waiting for my period to come so I could start my third round and it didn't ever come. Did a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant! I didn't think it was possible!

Sadly a month ago I miscarried at 12 weeks. I am now booked in for a laparoscopy on 6th May to see if my endo has come back as I was experiencing all the symptoms again last year. I want to get it sorted before we try to conceive again.

Sorry not massivemy helpful I know but I just wanted to say your not alone in your struggle and f you ever want any info on IVF and the process feel free to drop me a message. It is a very difficult thing to go through but I made a few changes for my second round and had a very different experience so can definitely give some recommendations!

Good luck x

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