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1st Laparoscopy next week

Hi everyone, I'm having my first laparoscopy in just over a week as I have suspected peritoneal endo. My consultant says he's 90% sure it's this, and so I will also have it lasered out at the same time. I'm nervous, but relieved as I'm hoping it will ease my chronic pelvic pain along with all the other nasty symptoms we go through. 

I was just wondering if anyone else out there could advise on how long I may need off work afterwards? I realise it's dependent on how mild/severe the endo is, and how I react to treatment etc, but what has everyone else experienced? From reading up on it online the 'normal' recovery time looks to be 2 weeks, but I just wanted to check if this is enough time (and also if anyone has any hints/tips for both pre-op and revovery)

Thanks so much! xxx

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I had 2 weeks off then back to work for a weeK then was for another 2 as I had pushed it during the week back. I suggest you should keep moving after the op, peppermint tea, lots of rest, lots of tlc, don't overdo it.

Good luck with the op.



Thank you so much littlelatin, that's super helpful. I've heard a lot about the benefits of peppermint tea as well, so will stock up.

Hope all is well with you now xx


I also have an electric heat pad but you may have invested in one of these anyway. So much easier than a hot water bottle!!

Unfortunately I'm worst now then when I had my lap (feb2015) but that's the nature of the beast!! Xx


Hi lovely, good luck! I took a week off and went back for a day then took another week! Don't be like me though, take at least 2 weeks if they remove even the smallest amount of endo. x 


Ah thank you so much, I have heard a lot about ladies going back after just 1 week, feeling awful and then getting signed off again for at least another, so I think I will definitely plan to take 2 to be on the safe side. Thanks so much again and hope all is well with you now xx

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2 weeks and needed to look after not lifting to much in the beginning when i went back to work. When i was home i walked slowly around and had a shower with help. My partner helped me walking down the stairs.

It could be possible you will have muscle pain in your arms/shoulders of the gas and your tummy is bloated. 

Take medication for going to the toilet something like movicol before and after surgery otherwise you can have problems with constipation. Peppermint tea can help with bloating and air. 

When you go outside for first time take someone with you. 

I didnt like fatty food very much. Just ate plain food, fruit, veg.(of course everyone is different) and keep drinking fluids.  

Look after yourself, good luck!!


Thank you so much Naomi, that's really useful to know, especially about going outside with someone for the first time. 

Thank you for the advice about taking a laxative too - I actually already have to take a natural laxative most days as the endo causes me both constipation and diarrhoea, so I'm hoping that the op won't aggravate it further but you never know I guess.

Take care too, and thank you so much again x

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No problem. I still remember standing in your shoes and had no idea at all. I never heard of Endo before, didnt really know what to expect with surgery and how it went afterwards. It is good to share this with others, because surgery is never fun, no matter what we are going in for. 

With the problems of constipation/diarrhoea. I start to drink warm water with lemon in the morning and as well reduce sugar intake. Instead of eating milk choc i started to eat darker chocolate and more nuts (almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts).  It seems to help with my tummy. Diet has a massive affect on how we are feeling, still learning a lot and i am not perfect, but i have to start somewhere.

If you have any  questions etc you can always send a message.

Wishing you all the best and good luck!! Xxx


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