1st Laparoscopy fears (US)

I have not yet officially been diagnosed with Endo. I have my first Lap on July 11th, and it has consumed my thoughts. I am so nervous about it. I am not nervous about the pain, or being under... I am worried that my doctor will find nothing. I am terrified that years and years of pain and sickness will never verified with a reason. I just want to know why, and after so long of being told by doctors that nothing is wrong (take more vitamins, get more exercise, get more sleep, try therapy, etc) I am so petrified that I will again be told that nothing was found and I am perfectly fine. Has anyone else battled with these thoughts before your first lap? Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I nearly made myself ill worrying about it. Please try to stay calm and what will be will be.

    Unfortunately my first surgeon was rubbish and I did wake up with that news. But on July 11th I'm having my second lap with a different surgeon who has reassured me that he will be very aggressive in how he looks for the endo and excise what he finds. But I know how you are feeling as I am still scared I will get the same answer.

    Keep your chin up. Only 2 weeks to go. Big hugs xxxx

  • I'm having my first lap on 25th July but I'm worried that they'll find loads and I'll have to have more surgery ! I know there is a cyst so they're going to take that out and put in the mirena . Just hope that works .

    Good luck! Hope you get the answers you need.

  • Good luck to you too!

  • Hi, I think everyone has these thoughts before a laparoscopy, I've been diagnosed had excision and a hysterectomy for adenomyosis, I'm now awaiting another laparoscopy and I'm still anxious nothing will be found and there will be no reason for my pain,

    Good luck xxx

  • Thank you! Good luck with yours!!!

  • I feel exactly the same don't worry. I'm having my first one on 1st July and have worried about everything from them finding nothing to them finding cancer! I know something is wrong and just hope they can work it out.

    I'm now trying not to think about it. I'm trying to plan for the days leading up to it and then whatever happens will happen.

  • Good luck!

  • I also have a lap booked on 11th if July and petrified they won't find anything. I have been suffering so much I need to know I'm not crazy or over reacting. Good luck xx

  • You too!!! Lap buddies haha!!! :)

  • How did your lap go Hun xx

  • Oh I almost forgot (pain killer brain) and how was yours??????

  • Glad to hear you're relieved! They have excised endometrioma from left ovary, they also excised endo from uterosacral ligaments, bowel bladder and diaphragm. Had a great surgeon and am so relieved I wasn't imagining things x

  • Good! I hope you heal well!!! :)

  • You are so sweet for checking!!! Thank you so much. He found mild endo along my left side, and adhesions on my colon. Aside from some discomfort, I feel great. I feel so relieved!!!!! Thanks again! I hope you are well!!!

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