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1st Laparoscopy done - endo womb?

Hi Ladies,

Had my first laparoscopic surgery today, I was out for just under an hour and was far better than I thought it would be, I think I'd psychologically built it up as it was a general anesthetic. After the surgery my consultant came round and said he had found and removed endo on both ovaries, the bladder and also quite significantly in the womb. I have my follow up appointment with my consultant in 6 weeks time so I guess it'll be then that I see photos and we talk more in depth.

I just wanted to ask when endo is found in the womb from my limited research online this looks to be adenomyosis, is that correct? I'm just reading in more detail as to what that actually is..and it doesn't look promising for fertility...

Does anyone have any more information on this? What can be done for fertility? Can I ever fall pregnant naturally with it? My gp wants us to try for 3 months then we'll go straight in for IVF.

Any thoughts, experience, guidance much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance xx

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I wanted to add my tubes were also flushed and looked great apparently. I'm most concerned about it being in my uterus and affecting implantation :(


Hello, endo in the womb would normally refer to Adenomyosis, but it can be on the womb, I wouldn't start worrying untill you see the consultant, or you could ring his secretary and ask for a copy if the operation notes, I had Adenomyosis, and have 3 children, but I'm not sure if I had it when I had them I'm 40 now and my youngest is11, 

Are you being seen in a bsge centre. ??


Sorry forgot to say, adeno isn't in the womb, as such, it's in the wall/ muscle of the wobm, 


Hi Tboag yes my surgeon was Mr James English who's a member of bsge I'll have my follow up appointment in 6 weeks so will find out then. I'm just panicking slightly wondering if it's inthe womb whether implantation will ever be possible. 


Hi there, 

Yes Endo in the womb is adenomyosis, on the outside of womb just plain Endo. Don't worry too much about the fertility aspect just yet - I have stage 4 Endo and adenomyosis, had a lot of docs be negative re. Fertility prospects; my last consultant took the view you don't know until you try.

Fell preg very quickly, had two v early mc, but now 7 1/2 months gone pregnant whale so it can happen! If you have implantation issues as well don't be deterred - if you fall preg at all it bodes well. Early mc happens and chemical pregnancies happen in 1/4 women who have absolutely nothing wrong. Don't be too anxious about it xx

Great that gp will refer after 3 months (is usually 6months with pre existing gynae issue) you'll be sent for baseline tests and then await the ivf process - this whole process can take 8-18 months depending on where you are in the uk. If you are in England check how many rounds you qualify for - it varies according to postcode. Infertility network is a great forum on here that could help you find out more, just bear in mind - the same as with Endo U.K. Forum - everyone is an individual and experiences differ - just because someone has the same diagnosis won't necessarily mean you'll go through the same as them so don't let any 'horror stories' scare you. - positive mental attitude is key!

Things you can do to get preg 

Follow nhs guidelines to the letter, is a good idea if hubby comes off booze too to improve sperm quality. Pregnacare preconception multivitamins for both you and hubby good idea too.


Buy a thermometer (£10) and start bbt tracking this was a hell of a lot more accurate for me than the standard ovulation tests and cheaper. Endo ladies can have funny cycles - I ovulated anywhere between 12 and 21 days so the tests were never going to work! Here's a sample chart you can use


I had the my days app which is fab (you can format temps to Celsius, it's set up for Fahrenheit). Also lets you diary Endo symptoms and will give you a highlighted few days when you should focus on ttc, usual even when not trying though! I input temp and symptoms then every few days transferred info to the paper chart as this meant I could highlight and add stuff where I needed. Keeping the chart helped me conceive, keeping the symptoms diary helped diagnose upper gi Endo and avoided General gastro surgery so was fab for me!

If you're not on it try the Endo diet - made me feel a lot better and creates better env for preg as calms down Endo. 


Hope all that helps! Xx


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