Laparoscopy help and advice-very scared!

Hello all,

I've just joined the forum as I'm desperate for some help and advice.

I've just had a letter to tell me that my laparoscopy is booked in for 1st August-less than three weeks away and I have some questions that I would love some help with.

1. How long will I be signed off work for?

2. How long will it take me to be able to exercise again? The gym is my favourite activity and I'm going on holiday less than 6 weeks after my operation....very panicked!

3. Has anyone had the mirena coil and experienced any negative side effects? I've read that it can cause acne, down moods and headaches. I've battled with acne for thirteen years and it's only just started to go away, I don't want to go on something that will bring it back!

4. Has anyone had surgery and didn't get the coil? If so, how are you finding your periods now?

I'm feeling very scared about the operation and what the future will be after it in regards to my fertility etc. Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

Thank you,

Lauren xx

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  • Hello and welcome!

    1: you'll more likely been signed off for up to two weeks BUT each person recovers at different rates, some people take just the one week some people take more than two, it really depends on you just don't push your self if you're not ready.

    2: You can exercise once you feel ready too, again don't push your self.

    3: I had the mirena coil and I did have negative effects from it but again each person is different, some the coil is amazing, some the coil is hell. For me, I went through weight gain but only a little bit, my moods went terrible and I lost my sex drive, periods stopped but I ended up forming new pains so I only had the coil for 1.5 years.

    4: Periods after surgery with no coil have been ok for several months before I start getting pain flair ups, again each person is different.

    You'll be fine with this surgery and you'll be glad you've gone through it. Best of luck x

  • Thank you so much for your post, I so appreciate you taking the time to write to me. My main fears are the coil as the symptoms you described are the reasons I came off the pill! And also e potential fertility issues...I'm only 26 and my fiancé and I aren't ready for children yet but the thought of struggling to conceive terrifies me.

    I've also read a lot of stories on here about the surgery aftermath being really painful.

    Feeling very anxious xxx

  • The first period soon after surgery can be rather sore but they do tend to settle down.

    I've always had issues with pills so when I was put on the coil it was ok to start with, but soon as my periods stopped that's when everything started going down hill now I just cope with painkillers and no hormonal treatments.

    Hopefully with this surgery they'll see if it will have any affect on your fertility, as for me and many others, endo has only affected other organs and not the ovaries/tubes and uterus.

  • I planned for a week off work but I've needed 2 weeks as I didn't plan for how exhausted I'd be.

    I'd say a week for exercise and start lightly!

    I didn't get the coil fitted and I had some bleeding the week after but it stopped!

  • Thank you Stacey! My job is quite manual so I feel I may need two weeks based on everyone's advice!

    Did you go on anything after the operation or are you on no medication? I'd rather not have the coil unless I have to, but i worry it will all come back again if I don't xx

  • I'm in an office and I needed 2 weeks! I've been on morphine since before the op for pain and as nothing was found I'm still on morphine and it's actually been doubled as my pain is much worse! I have implanon xx

  • I'm so sorry you're going through this! This is my biggest fear-that I go through all the pain of the operation and then they can't help me. I have a weird instinct that his is what is going to happen and I don't know what I'll happen if that's the case. It's scary isn't it xx

  • Yeah it's awful. I'm not having to wait to see an endo specialist in Edinburgh and then it will be another wait for surgery again! Xxx

  • Hi

    I didn't have a coil fitted and since my excision surgery my periods where the best they had been since I was 13 I'm now 29! Work wise usually around 2 weeks depending on what you have done but if you have a lot of work done and need longer just get your note extended you will know when your ready to go back.

    I know your scared and it's daunting I was petrified for my first one but the first thing I said when I was picked up was that it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! Tell the nurses if your feeling nervous I do and they always seem to take extra care of me! Fertility wise my insides where a mess one dr said to justvtake everything out but an endo specialist worked wonders on me and I'm now pregnant so another good thing to come from the op! Xxxx

  • Thank you so much for your message! Massive congratulations on your pregnancy, I'm so happy for you!

    I'm glad your experience was positive in the end, it's made me feel a lot better. Is it normal to have to have more than one surgery? xxx

  • It was because my first surgery was with a general gynea not and endo specialist and I had stage 4 so needed to be under bsge specialist for my op xx

  • Hi there Lauren. I live in the U.S and things are a little different from what I understand. I'm going August 9th for my 2nd surgery. I'm having the lap done as well as having a procedure for my bladder. I've learned i have interstitial cystitis as well as endometriosis. I'm also having an ablation done. He is pretty much doing a full clean up. I had my first surgery 2 1/2 years ago and my experience was not good. I ended up with an infection which took longer to feel better. Also I still did not feel any relief with pain or having my period 2xs a month. It just got to the point where I forced myself to go back. As I said I've learned a lot about the interstitial cystitis as well and that can all fall in with endometriosis. I'm very nervous as well. I think even more then the last time. My last resort is hysterectomy which I do not want. My body can't handle hormone, shots or anything. Which is another reason why I'm doing surgery again. One thing I can say that has helped a little is changing the way I eat. I cut out chocolate which was TORTURE at first. I also cut out acidic foods which cause bad painful flare ups with my bladder. My weakness is ice cream. I have vanilla now instead. I'm still working on snacking. And I will not give up my coffee! 😂 that's my vice! I'll be thinking of you! ~Jessie

  • Sorry to hear all this Jessie!! Wishing you massive amounts of luck-we can do this! Xxx

  • It took me a month to recovery after my 1st lap with cyst drainage. I then had a 2nd op for endo and recovered after 12 weeks..totally depends on what they find and do to your body xx

  • Oh gosh that awful. I'm starting to realise that this is probably going to be worse than I imagined. I thought I'd be back to normal after a couple of days! I don't even know what they are doing to me, none of the doctors have been through the surgery with me xxx

  • Please try not to hoping your symptons are not as worse as mine and that you do heal quickly...just dont rush back to things quickly..take your want to ensure youve healed properly xx

  • Hi Lauren, if it is just a diagnostic lap without any work, it is possible to feel better in just a few days. I went back to work after a week. I didn't exercise for two weeks.

    I had the Mirena and have used it ever since. The dose of hormones is lower than the pill. I hated the pill too and am prone to acne. I found the Mirena has a slight effect, just noticeable. It passed after a few months. My own experience is that you have to persevere. I'm so glad I did. Although the first six months weren't great (they weren't awful either), I've had 12 good years out of using the Mirena.

    Good luck with it and try not to worry.

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