How long did you have to wait for a post op appointment after a laparoscopy?

I had a laparoscopy on 12th July and was told that no endometriosis could be seen. The consultant didn't hang around long for questions and just said I could discuss it all with her registrar at post op appointment. I am still in constant pain everyday and keep hoping the post op appointment will come through soon so I can work out what to do next. Could you let me know roughly how long it took for your post op appointment? Thanks for reading x

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  • After my first lap, to which they found endo, my follow up appointment arrived a week after surgery for 6 weeks after my operation

    I would phone the hospital and ask them when your appointment is, if it's not already been made it will get them into action to make you an appointment. Take care X.

  • I had a laparoscopy 2 weeks ago today, my appointment came through last Thursday but its not until the end of November :/

    hope yours comes soon, x

  • I had my lap op on the 1st july i have been in a great deal of pain since a lot of endo was found. Years of annoying doctors finely paid off and i was referred. I got my appointment through for 18th September xx

  • Thank you so much for your replies. Bonygirl 1 I took your advice and phoned the hospital today. So glad I did as on my discharge note it said an outpatients post op appointment would be arranged but when I spoke to the secretary today she said that i wasn't in the system as nothing was found during the lap so the registrar decided not to follow up!!! Once I got off the phone I just burst into tears. I really feel I'm at breaking point now and just don't know what to do next??? I cannot believe that we can be treated this way. The secretary said she would phone me back but I did not get a callback. Just when you finally feel you are moving a step forward you take 2 steps back. Sorry for the rant but no one seems to listen x

  • Sorry to hear you werent in the system. Hope you do get proper help soon, im sick of how doctors treat us with endo and the pains we suffer from. For years i have been fobbed off nearly 10 years to be exact and even when i was referred i was told that i doubt you actually have anything wrong but if it makes you happy ill refer you then gyno said to me its prob ibs or just muscle spasms felt like shouting at him after the op and going see i told you something was wrong! Lol but i didnt. Its good to rant hehe anyway hope you do get help and keep perservering with your doctor for help. xx

  • I'm so sorry the phone call didn't work out how you would have liked it's disgusting that they just take you out of the system and assume they performed some miracle and all your pains just disappear because they didn't find anything! You need to go back to your doctors and tell them what has happened and how much pain you are in until they understand that something is wrong with you. Ask them to refer you some where else to get a second opinion. It is disgusting how we are treated and how we get fobbed off. If the doctors had this pain they wouldn't be able to cope. Please rant as much as you like we all understand how you are feeling and I love to rant and moan, i'm sure if there was a profession in ranting and moaning I would be a manager!!!. Take care and don't give up X

  • i had my post op appointment three weeks after my lap, and i now have appointments with the consultant every three months, they found stage 4 endo and i am on the waiting list for a hysterectomy, but am trying to postpone that for as long as i can.

    have you spoken with your gp? they should have a report on your lap, and they might be able to answer some questions for you xx

  • Thank you for your replies ladies. I went back to my GP and she said she would refer me back to the consultant but I would have to start from the beginning of the system again. I was so disgusted at this I sent a complaint e-mail to the PALS and the registrar phoned me up the following day to offer me an appointment next week, so it definitely pays to complain. She did say on the phone though that they don't know what's wrong so probably just prescribe me progesterone only pill again! Surely there must be other tests they can do?? Katt x

  • I'm so pleased your complaining has paid off. Just hope they don't just fob you off with pills. If you are not happy with what she says to you tell her you will get a second opinion. Good luck X.

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