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Hi I'm new here and I'm very confused. I had my a laparoscopy to remove a 7.5 cyst on one ovary and a smaller cyst on the other in mid December. When I came round in the recovery room they told me that I had endometriosis and other stuff that I can't remember because I was too out of it to remember anything. I was a little shocked as I really didn't think I had it but thinking about it it makes sense.

Anyway today I went for my post op consultation. I have been worried sick because I don't know how bad my endometriosis was, where it was and if there is a chance I'll be unable to have children. I went in and it wasn't even my consultant, and I was out in under two minutes and I feel so frustrated. I don't really know anything about endometriosis either. Recently I have been experiencing little aches on both the left and right side of my lower back towards my bum. I used to have these pains shortly before the immense pain would start.

If I go to my doctor would she be able to tell me what happened during my op etc? I don't want to waste anybody's time. I'm so worried I can't have children, I'm 34 so that goes against me and they ask me if I have children and I say no but they don't elaborate as to why they're asking.

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  • Hello, after I had my laprascopy to remove a large chocolate cyst from my ovary I got told everything briefly too and like you I was out of it, usually I write things down...anyway, I also wanted to know if I can have children as I'm 34, I asked This and they said yes as tubes clear, but I contacted my Gynocologist who they sent my results to and asked for a print out so I can understand it all and know exactly where the severe endometriosis is, I have the paper of the operation, I've always asked for this when living in Spain and now in Switzerland, as I want to understand and sometimes information given to me I forget, it's your right to know the details, you can ask where the endometriosis is and you should note all the little details down, also say you want to get pregnant, even if they say no there may be ways around it, I got told it's going to be very difficult but possible with IVF, I know how stressful all this is for you, but you must go and see them again and ask for details of the operation and what they saw and note it all down. I wish you luck xx

  • Hi Deb

    I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy 10 days ago and was sent the notes of the operation 3 days later (without asking for them). Ask the secretary to send them to you and maybe book yourself an appointment with your gp to go through them. You are not wasting anybody's time. I would also report your experience to the hospital PALS team.

    Question to others, don't they offer any treatment at the follow up appointment?

  • Thank you all for your advice and support, I really appreciate it.

  • I was given my notes and had to take them to my gp myself. But the consultant told me more than was on the notes. Frustrating how inconsistent procedures are between different hospitals isn't it?

  • I'm glad you got all the info you should be given and you're right it is frustrating. I've booked to see my GP in a few weeks time so hopefully she might be able to either shed some light on the subject or be able to find out for me.

  • Fingers crossed!

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