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Post laparoscopy operation

Hi I'm Laura, I've suffered endometriosis since I was a teenager and was probably like most people and thought the horrendous pain I was in was normal period pain. Only recently diagnosed and was admitted into hospital for an operation last month. My period was due that same week. After my op I had bleeding for 3-4 days and I've not bled since, no spotting either. I've had feelings like I was about to get my period, but nothing has come. I'm now 2 weeks late from the dare I should have got it and starting to worry that, either something is wrong, or I'm pregnant.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has gone through the same procedure and similar things happen with regards to late cycle?

I should probably add that the surgery went very well with no complications and they managed to "zap" away the endometriosis (not my words, the surgeons words) 😂

Thank you in advance


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Having surgery can stress your body out and it can be normal to have late periods afterwards.

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If you've had sex without contraception it would certainly be worth doing a test. I've heard that lots of ladies who try to conceive for a long while then are pregnant very quickly after a lap xxx


Thank you ladies. I did a test last night and it was negative, so think it could just be late. Never been this late though. Although pregnancy would be lovely right now 😊


Hi Laura, I'm 6 months post op and i haven't had my period for the past 3 months. I'm definitely not pregnant I must add. Feels like my hormones are all built up and I'm an emotional wreck. If I get answers I'll let you know x ☺


Hiya Chloe, Yeah I know where you're coming from, I'm the same with my emotions at the moment. I felt like I was going to crack at work today 😞


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