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Pre-op Appointment


Pre-op Appointment.

I'm going in for my pre-laprascopy hospital appointment at the N & N UK on Thursday. I've never had an operation before and hospitals make me nervous but I know I need to get through this so I can get a diagnosis.

What should I expect at this pre-op which says it could last upto 3 hrs! :( It's not helping my anxiety right now, worried I'm gonna start suffering panic attacks up until I have to go in x

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Hey don't panic they will take you height weight etc possibly some blood & go through your medical history to make sure you are ok for anasthetic. Its really nothing to worry about x

Mine was the same, height & weight check, had some blood taken and talked through my medical history and a bit of what to expect on the day of the op. Less than an hour in total :) X

I was there half an hour had my bloods done and chat with the nurse then back again the following week for more bloods. Had my first lap last Thursday xx

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His did your first lap go? Was it what you thought? How was the outcome? Soz for all the questions lol

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Ah it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! They found endo and I have to go back to see him this Wed to discuss treatment x try not to worry too much I think it's all the not knowing that causes so much stress! Just think afterwards you have a really good excuse to relax and do nothing and let others run round after you for a bit 😀


In my experience they say up to 3 hours as you spend 95% in a waiting room so take a good book! Haha. I've always just had height, weight, bloods, general medical health questions etc... to check you are fit and well (apart from what's being operated on obviously) and well enough to have the anaesthetic.

It's okay, you'll be fine xxx

Hi, mine didn't last full 3 hours, just routine to say that. They do weight, height, bloods, test for MRSA and talk through everything with you. I had my lap op two weeks ago and I don't want to scare you but just make sure you give yourself time off work to recover because it can really take energy out of you and affect your emotions. Wear comfy clothes on day of op and be prepared for pain in your shoulder- peppermint tea can help this. Any more questions please ask I think the more you know the better x

I had mine at the N & N also earlier this year and they were all lovely. As everyoneelse has said its more waiting time than anything else. Usually weight and height and MRSA swab with one nurse, then signing papers and discussing the op with a sister, then possibly a registrar will have a quick chat with you. I don't know if you are with the same dr as me (Mr M) but I cant fault the treatment there.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

That's awesome news :) did you get your Endo treated or was it just for diagnosis?

I had it diagnosed and now on a drugs trial for 3 months which finishes this week (hooray) then have an op on 21st December to remove right ovary, and exhision of endo on bowel, both ureters and other patches around womb.

When is your operation and is yours diagnosis or treatment. If you are under same Dr and his registrar Dr S are both lovely. Being on the drugs trial has given me more one to one care as I can just phone or email Dr S with any problems I am having so it might be worth asking about it, its called the Chute trial.

Good luck

I don't respond well to drugs that alter my body, every contraception has upset me greatly. I don't know when my op is yet. I am hoping to get my diagnosis at N&N to be taken more seriously and stop docs treating me like it's all in my head. If I get a positive diagnosis then I'm asking to be treated at Colchester Endometriosis Center. I've read that Endo treatment at N&N is still hit and miss as they don't specialise in it.

Im the same as you, anything to do with hormones affects me. I was first diagnosed at JPH Gorleston but they didn't know what to do with me so that's why they transferred me to N&N. I was actually seen at Cromer hospital first as this is a centre of excellence for endemetriosis and my dr works between both hospitals so I do trust him in knowing what hes doing so I hope you are seeing the same one

I was exactly the same as you, worried sick about the pre op and lap.

Pre op they just did an ecg, bloods and blood pressure and you got chance to ask any questions. Go with a list of questions as I didn't so when I got in there couldn't remember what I wanted to ask.

The lap wasn't as bad as I thought either, I'm two days post op and I'm sore and tired but okay. The fact that you get answers there and then is worth it in my opinion.

Good luck! X

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