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Suffering from pain still post operation for removal of endometriosis

I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy done last Wednesday for the removal of endometriosis. I was told after the operation that they found and removed significant amount of endo which was mainly in my Pouch of Douglas. The Doctor told me he got rid them all and everything went well. I was looking forward to being free from all the pain but this has not been the case.

Recovery has been very slow and rough for me. Since the surgery Im still struggling with symptoms of pain in my pelvic area (cramp like or sometimes stabbing pain) and shooting pain up the rectum. It feels like the rectum pain is getting worse and it aches and hurts even though I'm not on my menstrual cycle. I get tired very easily and can't walk more than 10minutes without getting dizzy. I'm suffering from nausea as well which comes in waves. Are these symptoms normal or usual? I'm starting to wonder if itll ever go away which is giving me anxiety and stress.

I'm reaching out to anyone whose had similar experiences as I don't have anyone around me who suffers with endo that would understand me. Please help you are can relate or provide any advise.

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Hi Yjneave,

I think that you are still in the fairly early stages of recovery from your operation. Even though it was keyhole surgery, it sounds like they did quite a lot. It's quite hard to reach the Pouch of Douglas. Chances are, the pain you are experiencing right now is your body recovering from the injury of having the endo removed. It's in exactly the right place (rectum area).

Although it is important to move around regularly, it is also very important to rest right now to get yourself back to fitness after an operation. It really does take a toll on your system.

The dizziness and nausea are also common post-op symptoms. I'm not sure that walking for more than ten minutes is a good idea at this stage, to be honest. Try not to stress, it all sounds very normal to me. I had a laparoscopy in December and it took two weeks for me to get over it, and they didn't even remove any endo!

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Thanks for your advice :) It's very comforting to hear from someone that's gone through it and to know this is normal. Thanks again !!


Take it easy and REST! I'm four months post surgery now and still not 100% if I do too much. Listen to your body and let others help you. Right now I'm aching after standing around for a few hours today. Takes time. Every day a bit better.

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Hiya, I had mine done last Thursday, felt ok for the first 5 days and now my symptoms are back with a vengeance and I have pelvic pain and down my legs again, and trouble with my bowels. I think we are expecting too much lol and just need time to let everything settle. I'm a vet and so I should know better, but it's frustrating. Just because the wounds are small, there will have been lots handling of the internal organs and where they have removed lesions will be inflamed and angry, so these all need to calm down! I also have a post op infection which doesn't help matters. Also with regards to exercise, and moving about, be gentle. I did too much yesterday as went for a walk with the dog and got lost in a detour, and I could definitely feel everything 'pulling'' afterwards, and remember everyone recovers at different rates. I spoke to my endo nurse last week and she said it can take months for things to settle so be patient and don't assume the worst as yet!xxx


If pain has come back it sounds like it may have been removed by laser so burnt off. This is often called diathermy.

I had this on Nov 2015 and probably was out of pain for a day and then it got worse and carried on getting worse. I took 2 weeks off work at that point. And just rested with 5-10 mins walk each day.

Endo is better removed by excision. And if you had it in POD you could well have it on uteral sacral ligaments or deep infiltrating and that must be treated at bsge. Probably best to get referred there now for more info.



Go back to your gyne or get a second opinion if need privately just a consultation sorry I can't write much as I gave a trapped nerve in

My hand probably from emailing . U can get a private consultation reasonably cheap and I mean 120 to q170£ and they can often ping you back to hospital . Not sure what country your in but works well on NHS and the private appointment is usually really quick. Maybe avoid private surgery mucho expensive although I'm looking at a 2 nd opinion lap which is £3000 ! God knows what the private surgery would cost and I don't have private insurance just a kind mum and the NHS in U.K. Get your shoes on or your phone and pester and demand Xxx


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