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Post operative pain

Hi Ladies,

Just looking for a little advice please!

I had my operation last Monday - excision of endometriosis from bladder, bowel, under ovaries and back of vagina.

Since the op I've had the normal abdominal pain expected with surgery , I have also had burning tearing sensations near my left side. I have been experience waves of nausea which I put down to not taking my strong pain relief, but I've noticed the pain I normal experience has still reared its head- burning sensation up vagina, stabbing pain (hot red poker) bowel and back pain. I started bleeding, thought that was the reason behind this pain and the awaited period I was told to expect but it was short livid - 1 day and the rest has been just slight spotting.

Feeling a little fed up to say the least and drained. Had a small walk out at the weekend as being inside is driving me up the wall but ended up exhausted. I'm supposed to be back in work on Monday as well.

I felt really enthusiastic after the surgery but on feeling my usual pain I have to admit my spirts feel dampened - trying to be positive and think it's just due to recovery and possibly my body attempting the first "horrendous" post op period....

Love N x

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Aww sweetie...this sound oh sooooo familiar. Don't let it get you down though. I want to suggest a tea drink to you that makes the pain lighter and strengthens the uterus. I am not a affilliate or seller I am a faithful tea drinker who stumbled across something that really helps me. I hope it helps you as well. Its called Menstrual Ease & Wellness Tea by VIE Line Cosmetics vielinecosmetics.com/produc...

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Hi, don't worry. I had the same op a few months back and had the same previous pains for around 2 weeks - on and off for the 2nd week afterwards. My consultant warned me that while recovering from the op with the usual aches and pains, I'd feel similar to how I felt before while everything settles down but that it would improve and it really did. So don't worry, it does settle down. Don't push yourself and do keep walking but don't be surprised if it tires you out, it's perfectly normal. Xx


Thank you for your message. Just hoping it eases off, going to the toilet seems to really hurt internally. Will look forward to it giving me a break! xx

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Hi hun, When did you have your lap? I had one on the 4th July and I am experience pain I had before but not constant as to what it use to be. I do help it settles for you as I am hoping myself after a few more weeks the pain will settle. Just trying to stay positive xx


Hello, I had my op the same day as you so sounds like we are at the same stage! Sorry to hear you are still suffering as well, I know I'm thinking it may be to soon to be heading back to work on one hand on the other give me something to take my mind off it. Thanks Hun it's just hard at times, hope you feel better soon too! xx


I have one more week off, I would make sure you are fully better before you go back as one of my previous laps I went back too soon and then ended up with another 3 weeks off as I was that poorly xx


Yes your right, think I just wanted it to be done and be fine. That's exactly what I was concerned about trying to push my self and making it worse! I've contacted my GP so will be expecting another sick note. Thanks for your messages! xx


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