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Second Operation and Scans

Hi all! I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in April 2016 and I am having my second operation on Monday. I went for my pre op on Friday, however they have now booked me in for an appointment to have an internal scan on Friday - they said this also needs to be done before surgery. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a chance they’ll now tell me I don’t need surgery? Also with second operations, is it still a laparoscopy or have people had proper operations to treat Endometriosis?

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Hi there, I was diagnosed exactly the same time as you after my first laparoscopy last April, I have my second next month. (First NHS and second is private)

I hadn’t heard of a internal scan when I went through the NHS but my private surgeons secretary did mention sometimes they want you to have an internal scan?

I’m not sure why either?

I’m also confused about the second operation and what it entails!?

All I know, is last time they only cauterised my endometriosis as it was only a diagnostic procedure, but this time I believe they are cutting it out?


Thank you for your response! With my first one they did burn some of it away which they found but again it was just a diagnosis so I’m not sure whether it’s going to be the same procedure or not if they know I have it and know they’ll be removing more this time? I guess I’ll have to wait and see! When is your second operation?


My procedure is on the 16th April!

I had a nhs gynaecology appointment last week, and could of waited for the procedure on nhs, but in my area there is only one endometriosis specialist based at our private hospital, so I wanted to make sure he did my procedure this time, and not just a normal gynaecologist like before 😒.

I just felt like they should of done the job properly the first time!

I found my symptoms returned very quickly after the last lap, is that what you found to?

Where is your endometriosis located out of interest?

Mine was in the pouch of Douglas area between uterus and bladder, but I guess they might find some new endo as well.


I see, I’ve never thought about going private, maybe it’ll be worth it! I agree, I guess they should have just removed it all when finding it. My symptoms returned and have got a lot worse since before I was diagnosed. They found Endometriosis on my pouch of Douglas, left ovary and my pelvis. I think this may have moved over to my bowels as well as I got diagnosed with IBS a few months ago but I know you can get IBS symptoms with Endometriosis so it’ll be interesting to find out!


Yep, I suffer from IBS as well, and also having problems with my bladder ( urgency to wee, and lots of pain and discomfort in bladder area) although I don’t believe they can see if Its effecting either the bladder or bowel from laparoscopy!

I feel like it’s hard to get all of the information, so I’ve gained most of my info regarding the condition online!

I hope your operation goes really well on Monday. With mine I’m interested to know how much has changed over a year!


I’ve read most of it up online or asking other people who suffer with it about it! It has helped so much being able to talk to other women about it as when I was diagnosed I had never even heard of it and had no idea how to even pronounce the word lol! Thank you, I hope yours goes really well as well! I will try and remember to post an update on how it goes!

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Hi Alice-96,

They should explain to you what procedure they will will/might have to carry out prior to the surgery and it should be detailed on your surgery authorisation document that you sign before the surgery.

I have had 4 laparoscopy's now, all different. Diagnostic, cauterisation, laser ablation and excision so it is important that you find out what surgery you will be having.

Best wishes,

M Mary, Volunteer Moderator


Thank you for your response. I’ve been told that it’s a laparoscopy but I know a lot of women have been told this and then had a more open operation. I don’t mind as long as they help with my condition it one way or another! I will find out before my surgery I’m sure.

Thank you


Hi all! Had my operation yesterday, another laparoscopy and they made two incisions through the same scars as before! They even reconstructed one of the scars! I always experience pain on my left hand side but oddly, they only found it on the right this time and nothing on my bowels which I was expecting due to being diagnosed with IBS (maybe this is actually IBS). They have also referred me to a chronic pain clinic. The scan I had on Friday was to see if they could see any cysts which they couldn’t which was a good thing! My gynaecologist this time was amazing, so much better than my last! Now time to rest up and see if it’s helped!

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