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Periods after laparoscopy

Hi all,

Had my lap last month and just got my first period - not a great experience, it seems it's going on for ages (I'm on day 6) and some days it's really heavy, I've been passing clots, not to mention the pain! I'm doped up on dihydrocodeine and walking about with heat pads. I've got Mirena coil as well (I've had it before my lap and my periods were never like this!). 

Does anyone else experienced something like this? Does it take time to settle? I got no advice whatsoever from my gynaecologist, I've made an appointment with my GP as I think I will need stronger meds to stay on top of it (I'm studying towards a degree and I've got 2 kids as well, I feel absolutely useless and defeated. Seems this pain has no end). 

Any advice is welcome. Thank you.

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Hi Hun it can take a few months for periods to settle down after lap. But yes try and get some different meds to help with pain.


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