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Had my second lap today... Advice needed ASAP - please :(


Had my second lap today. It was to see if my endo has grown back and to fit the mirena coil.

As I came to I was told no endo was found which in essence is good but was also what I feared would be told to me. I have a LOT of pain daily and have done since my first operation where they diagnosed and lazered my endo on my right side. I haven't had a period since January and I've been bleeding after sex - the doctor and my consultant pinned this down to my endo and the fact it has probably grown back - well now we know that it hasn't then surely more investigation would continue? Nope. Nothing. The consultant didn't even come to see me after the op. She was 'too busy'. I was shocked and disgusted.

Now I'm stuck wondering what the hell is happening to my body. Why am I getting so much endo pain and symptoms when it hasn't even grown back yet? Is it the scar tissue? Has it been missed? I'm so disappointed in the treatment I got today, I thought that this consultant was different to my last but it turns out her bedside manner is just as awful as the other one.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is, has anyone else had an experience similar to mine? I would really REALLY appreciate answers.

Thank you in advance xx

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I have my op in 3 weeks and I'm so worried that this will happen to me (first lap for me) so I really feel for you.

I really hope things get better for you xxx

Hi, I'm really sorry you had to go through this it's a horrible feeling when they say that as you feel like you hate left in limbo. I went in for an op in Feb as we all thought my endo had come back. Although none was found - what they did find though was adhesions / lesions in my pelvis it was really unhealthy. There was a chance this was an infection so they didn't perform any procedures, I underwent tests and all were negative so I went back in for further surgery a week and a half a go to remove these - as my consultant (who is incredible I a very lucky) said this would cause pain and was definitely the culprit of the pain from sex. Did they discuss anything else with you they may have found? I know it's hard I hard a hard fight in the beginning when I was diagnosed, but my advice would be to keep fighting you know your body! Hope this helps and good luck.

Ceri 💛

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Nope. The consultant didn't come to speak to me after. Shocking. I will keep pushing! I have kept a pain diary since January so I am going to book a doctors appointment and go in with that. I'm going to demand to be sent to a specialist centre as I know they have them!! Thank you x

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Hi Hun, get that referral to a specialist endo centre as general gynaecologists do tend to miss endo. I'm sorry you're still suffering but a specialist should be able help, even if it's not endo they may still be able to help. Good luck Hun.

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Thank you I definitely will be demanding to be referred. The pain in my right side has returned today and it's horrid. They said they looked thorough but I don't have stitches on my right side so surely they didn't look that thoroughly. I wouldn't know anyway as they didn't speak to me properly after! X

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Hi Hun I think its dreadful that she didn't even have to decency to come and talk to you.  When you go to GP to get that referral I would also request a copy of the surgical report. At least then you should be able to find out what they did. Good luck and keep us updated. Take care.

Bless you, I know exactly how you feel! For over a year now I have been in pretty much constant pain. It's been so bad I can't walk properly, bend over or even move. Back and forth to the doctors/hospital and seeing different gynocoligists all the time but they wouldn't do anything!

Finally a few months back I saw one of the top gynos and he was so rude and tried making out it was all in my head! I stood strong and demanded a laparoscopy which he finally agreed to (I think just to shut me up)

On the day of the op he came round didn't say hello to myself or my partner and just said right we probably won't find any endo today so... Bla bla. I had no confidence in him and quite frankly didn't want him anywhere near me at all!

Woke up after not in too much pain and a Doctor came to see me (not the main rude surgeon) he started to explain they found a small amount of endo on my left ovary and had some pics to show me. I was so out of it though he said he would come back later and go through it all with me.

2 hours later and I was in so much pain. Asked to see the main man (yes the rude one) He refused TWICE to come up saying now they had removed the endo there was nothing wrong with me! Nurse who discharged me was awful, she didn't know if my stitches were dissolvable and finally said she guessed they were. No proper aftercare info or anything.

I am absolutely beyond furious at the treatment I received. My pain has always been on my right side going down to the top of my leg and towards my back. So don't know why they only found a 'small' amount on the left side???!!! Has anyone had this before?

I phoned my Dr really angry and he just said to carry on taking the pill and see how that works. This isn't going to stop all the pain though is it?

I habe demand to have another lap with a gyno that i looked up and researched and he reluctantly agreed. I am going to pay for a private consultation rather than wait 3 months or so and then go back to NHS to have it done.

Maybe you could do this? Just be forcefall with your Dr!

So unhappy, for the last year I haven't been able to lie on my right side at all and can't have sex with my partner as its to painful. This is not normal and I just don't think I'm being taking seriously. I have had so much time off work and going to end up losing my job very soon.

It's just ridiculous how everyone with endo or suspected endo are treated!

I can't go on living my life like this and without proper support. : (

Oh that's awful :( Sorry, I can't help at all but didn't want to read and run. Hopefully someone else who has had similar will see this post. Can you go to your GP and pester them?

Good luck with it all, I hope you get it sorted x

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