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Advice needed! Please

I'm currently laid in bed wide awake, I have slept for 2 days.

I was told I have endo in April after an emergency operation in march (they thought my ovary was twisted) I then have been to the consultant in April for them to

Tell me they removed 2 cysts and lots of fluid. And then due to me having the same pain as when I had the op, they say I needed to have another. I am now waiting, they said 18weeks, but just found out my consultant has broken his hip :(.

I'm in absolute agony, I have been for the past 2 days I have visited my gp, they gave me different tramadol where I only take 2, 2 times a day as they are long lasting. This isn't touching te pain! I'm so confused what to do next, my gp mentioned A&E maybe the next step :(, I hate hospitals. Anyone been in this situation, do you have any tips, or know what they may do if I go to A&E??

Sorry for such a long post, I just don't know what to do, strangely heat makes it worse.

I don't know if I'm due on, due to the tablets I was taken too, it's all over the place. Would they think I am being stupid I I go and I am on.

I'm scared, anyone who can help would be much appreciated,

Thank you


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Go to A&E, or call an ambulance as you will be seen more quickly if it is serious. Put your hatred of hospitals to one side, as your health is your priority. The sooner you are seen, the better. I hope that you can find the strength to do this, as it sounds as if you need to be seen. Best of luck, and look after yourself, and don't forget how important you are! Natalie x

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I have to agree go straight to A&E the same happened to me last month, I went to my GP who sent me straight to hospital, like you I was in excruciating pain I could hardly breathe.

Hospital were brilliant, all they were concerned about was getting my pain under control which they did by giving me morphine, can't tell you the relief I felt, I was then admitted to gyna ward where I stayed for 5 days, it's the best thing I done so please go xxx

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Hi so many women are scared to go to A&E with these problems. But if you feel like you need to be seen and mYbe different painkillers. You go Hun . It's your body not anyone else's and we need to look after yourself Hun. I was on tramadol for 18 months . I changed to ibruphen beacause it takes the pain and throbbing away due to the swelling with the fluid. I sleep with cusions under my right side . But you could be due on . Because the pain gets worse a couple of days before your periods Hun. Ps. And if you are on they still check you out. Good luck


Go to A & E all they will do is control your pain. I ended up staying a week then they did a emergency lap. It isn't that bad & they are supportive xx


Hi Pmpknpie,

If you are in agony for so long it would be best to get to A&E. I know they removed 2 cysts but they can refill or regrow quickly. There's a possibility one of the new cysts burst. At A&E they might do a scan, however if a cyst has burst they will probably not see anything at this point. Do mention the cysts to them. They should be able to give you something for the pain, maybe short term morphine and also antibiotics if a burst cyst is suspected. Infection can occur after a burst cyst and is dangerous if not treated.

Hope you get seen to soon. x


I agree. A&E. No brainer.


What are they waiting on? If you are in that much pain... go to the ER. Twisted ovaries can be extremely dangerous... maybe another cyst has formed. OR, maybe the surgery wasn't done well..not judging.. just letting you know that I had a cyst the size of a grapefruit and never knew it until one day I had the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. Had emergency surgery, they said my ovary was twisted and they were able to untwist it and Ive been fine since. That was about 14 yrs ago. I started having horrible abdominal pains, went to ER .. had a blockage and possible lessions from the previous surgery. I was also at the menopausal stage. Had another surgery to to have an oblation (laproscotomy) to burn uteris lining due to heavy periods. While in there, she found a big Polyp, and said I had stage 4 endometriosis but she couldn't remove it. The endo had grown and attached itself to my small intestine, hence the pain and blockages, lesions, etc. ovaries covered with endo, even a spot on my bladder. . I am midway through menopause so I have had 3 different Dr. opinions and they think as long as Im pain free right now, as she removed the poly , they think I should try to wait this out because once menopause is over , the endo stops growing. Im praying that I can wait it out because they all said its a very high risk double surgeon surgery if the endo starts hurting real bad again. Because of the attachment to the intestine, it would be a MAJOR surgery with 2 doctors and a good change I would have to have a coloscopy bag and none of us want that. I am taking dicyclomine which only relaxes the colon and intestines so that if I get too full, or if constipated, it wont make the intestine inflamed and that's whats causing my pain.. The pills seem to be working so far. I am in a wait and see mode. So far so good. I also was given the option to take the depro levon pills for 6 months to rush me through menopause so it will stop growing. However, 2 of the 3 doctors thought the shots would be just a temporary fix.... it could come back as long as Im not OVER with menopause. Its very frustrating but just keep pushing for answers and NEVER feel bad about asking questions. That's what you pay them for and its YOUR body, you know it better than anyone else. Especially now that they are making you wait.... I would def. get another opinion.. It cant hurt. Hope this helps. Sorry so long.


Hi everyone, thank you all for your concerns and advice. I eventually plucked up courage to go to a&e last night, really it was a waste of time :(

They did all the usual checks, got me bed on the assessment ward, spoke to gyna doctor, all they say is there is nothing they can do, I just have to keep taking pain relief. I'm so fed up right now, as there wasn't any sign of infection, they think I am just getting over thrush and this could of irritated it.

But that's it. At 12.45 am I was allowed to go home. I came home and slept for a good 12 hours, but woke up in so much pain, I feel worse than yesterday. My legs are aching so much and so wobbley when I walk.

But all I am told to do is wait till the op but they any still tell me when that is !

I just don't know what to do


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