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Advice needed please!!

I had my 2nd lap, in June and discovered endo very severe and has spread to my bowel,rectum and vaginal septum and uterus. Whilst having lap they did a D&C and aspirated a large choc cyst,and found my tubes were also distorted.

I was given the zoladex implant the next day and told I needed to come back for a follow up 9/7 to discuss next plan of action.

(I'm 31 this past 6 months have been hell -pain wise)

My consultant suggested they do a full or partial hysterectomy, depending on whether or not I want to preserve my fertility - at first I thought yep,go for full hysterectomy, but on thinking about it in depth, if poss,I'd like to try for 1 more baby - with help (artificial insemination maybe).

Plus if I do have hysterectomy done, I'm worried that the HRT they will put me on will either increase my risk of breast cancer-as I have a strong family history of it, or the HRT will make the endo on my bowel worse!

I just wanted some advice on questions I should ask,and if anyone is or has been in a similar situation to me, and what they have done / their experiences were?

Many thanks :)

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Hi sorry can't he'll with hysterectomy questions but do you kind me asking what kind of pain you feel with your endo being on your bowel? I has endo 10 years ago and it was lasered of ok, it's come back again but this time it seems my no 2a ate affected and I can't seem to find any information about pain on going to toilet etc, my no 2s are all over the place and it hurts after I go for a couple of hours like it's interrupted and agitated something down there? Do you have anything similar?


Hi, I had endometriosis really bad from the age of 27....I had 3 babies but after my 3rd the bleeding was so heavy & painful which I had everyday for a yr :( they decided to do a full hysterectomy & took my ovaries too, I was 34yrs old but I can honestly say its been the best decision ever made, my sex life is fantastic & nothing like the horror stories I was told before hand,the scar is below my bikini line so at 42yrs old I can still look sexy in one lol

It put me through early menopause & like you family history of breast cancer but I am fine & have regular breast screening, I am on HRT which is great.

If you want to ask anything else fire away......

Sarah x


Hi Hun , I had to have a full hysterectomy at the age of 28 I'm now 32 . I have no kids at all . It was the best thing I had done as my life is nearly pain free and I'm living it how I want to now . You need to do what's best for you , if you need to chat please just ask . Speak to you soon kelly x


My story is a bit different to yours as im 17 but I also have endo everywhere. For me, they're refusing to give me any other treatments until I have a major op to get most of the endo out.

Do what you think is best for you. I think most of us know what its like to want children and have the odds against us! Its all a scary process and im sorry yours is so bad! Wish you all the best!xx


Im 28 and still fighting for full hysterectomy with no kids I was dignosed at 15


My mum had a hysterectomy at 36 after 3 children, I have a lap in August to see how bad everything is for me as I have adhesions and endometriomas.

My mum said the hysterectomy was the best thing ever, she refused hrt and saw a homeopath instead, she never suffered menopausal symptoms on the things they gave her and is now 60. She has slight osteopenia in one of her hips but whether this would have presented if she'd had hrt no one can say but she doesn't react well to medicine as she is super sensitive to it (a couple of paracetamol will knock her out!)

I have been told I will need zoladex after they remove the cysts in August but am worried about the side effects and will be asking lots of questions before I go ahead with the implants and may refuse them if I'm not happy! Good luck x


Thank you All so much, your comments have been very helpful xx


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