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Recovering from second lap


Hi ladies hope everyone is ok.

Just wanting a bit of advice or to know if anyone has had a similar experiance.

I had my first lap in July 14 where a small amount of endo was removed. I was back in work after one week and really did feel ok just very tired.

I therefore was expecting the same thing this time and warned my boss I would probs be off a week. However they found an extensive amount of endo this time and therefore told me two weeks off work. It is now Sunday night and I am back in on Thursday however I feel awful. I have tried to get out a bit this weekend to see how I feel and I am just very sore and tired. My insides feel like a constant stitch mixed with period pain, back pain and a rod stabbing me through my left ovary area. Very intense pain and I just don't understand why. It was easing before I tried to get out the house. Has anyone else experienced this?

I am just freaking out as I now have 3 days to get the energy up for work and get the pain down but I don't know how! Feel like such a mard going to the doctors for another sick note and feel I will look like I am milking it.

Do you think my body is just in shock cause I have moved and work will be fine? Just don't know what to do I feel like crying and crying and crying but don't feel I have the energy to even do that!

Sorry for the essay. Thank you so much in advance and I hope you are all ok xx

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I'll start by saying that I am no help sorry - just wanted to say poor you, sounds awful :( I'm guessing as they did more this time, it hurts more for recovery?

I had my first one in April where they said I was riddled with endo, all they did was release my ovaries and tubes as they were stuck to my walls from it. I've got my second lap on Thursday where they plan to remove the endo (had Prostap injections to clear the way!). I have to say I'm dreading it as my last recovery was awful :( I am a single Mum to a 4 year old, she's going to her Dad's until Sunday but then she's back so that's going to be interesting...

If I were you, I'd go to your GP and explain that you're too poorly to go back to work. It does annoy me that endo. isn't really treated the same as other illnesses where the pain is just as great - sadly it's just not as well known but the pain is definitely there! Please go and get signed off for another week, sounds like you shouldn't be going back yet x

Bam_23 in reply to Buttoon

Thank you for your reply. I have booked in with the GP. Hope everything goes well for you on Thursday and you have a speedy recovery! I too wish it was recognised more as I do think it is dismissed for something minor when it is not the case at all.

Thank you :) xx

The same thing happened to me. My doctor had to write me a second note for a third week.

Today is my first day back after three weeks and I feel ok just not 100%. If you need three weeks off you should take it. I thought about going back after three weeks but my family told me I wasn't strong enough and my doctor confirmed it. He told me your belly may have healed but there is a lot of internal healing to get on with.

I wish you better

Bam_23 in reply to esperanza100

Thank you for your reply. It is nice to no im not alone! Did you feel much better in your third week? I just worry that I will feel like a fraud if I get the extra week and feel fine. (We can't win) I hope your week gets better and you start to feel stronger.

Thanks again :) xx

I had a lap and cyst and Endo removed in July also. Took me ages to recover. I did go back to work after 2 weeks but think I would have benefited from another. I felt the same kind of pain as you . I'm still getting pains now

Bam_23 in reply to Don1980

Oh god really!! It's horrible isn't it. Especially if you are still getting the pains :(. I really hope things get better for you soon and thank you so much for your reply xx

I had a lap back in June and went back after 4 weeks due to pain and chronic fatigue. I had a phased return to work to help me get back into work but three months on im still in pain etc and work etc is being affected. I went back last week to get checked out but gynaecologist wasn't any help and have been given more progesterone to take alongside my mirena coil.

Bam_23 in reply to Tryx

Thank you for your reply! Sorry to hear you have had such a long recovery! The fatigue is horrible isn't it! I feel so groggy if I try to do anything that I just give up and sit down. I sometimes think that is worse than the pain! I hope you start to feel better soon and thank you for your reply xx


I Hope your feeling a bit better today 😊

I had my first Lap last week, the doctor signed me off for 2 weeks but told me to take my time if I needed more time just to contact them for another sick note.

Don't rush yourself back to work take as much time as you feel you need. xx

Bam_23 in reply to Tash81

Thank you so much for you reply! How are you feeling after your op? Yeah it's so hard because I have moments where I am like 'there is nothing wrong now I can go back to work' and others where I just feel terrible. It's the guilt of getting another sick note and then feeling fine that I don't like. You feel like a fraud!!

I really hope your op went well and that you have a speedy recovery :) thank you xx

Tash81 in reply to Bam_23

Thank you for your reply bam_23. I'm feeling ok just very tired and emotional a little confused as I don't remember very much of what I was told after my op and what the next step of my treatment is. I thought I'd be back at work a few days after my op as it was just a diagnostic lap and everything I read before hand said I'd need a couple of days to recover, however I can't see me going back to work for awhile. I know how your feeling with the guilt I have my moments think people will think I'm faking but I know my body and I'm not ready to be back at work my health is more important and I'm not going to rush back to work untill I'm 100% ready. you take as long as you need and concentrate on yourself and resting. xxx

I can totally sympathise. I have had 2 laps (1st several years ago, 2nd in 2014) and had a laparotomy and 3rd lap last monday.

Each time the recovery was so much harder. With this last op, I feel like i've been hit by a bus and today is the first time i've been out of bed for longer than a couple of hours.

You don't know how much they had to root around inside you and your body is obviously telling you to take it easy for a reason.

Get signed off for another week and use it to rest and recuperate at your own pace.

Bam_23 in reply to Danimg83

Thank you so much for your response! I hope you are feeling ok. Just hard taking more time off work when you have moments where you feel your ok to work but then others when your definitely not.

It sounds like you have had a horrible time of it. The worst thing the first couple of days I think is the shoulder pains from the gas! It is terrible!!

Really hope you are back to yourself soon and I have taken your advice and booked in with the GP :).

Thank you xx

Hi, please listen to your body. If you are not ready to go back then don't. You a more important than any job. You need to put yourself first for a change. If things don't improve then please get in touch with your consultant. Were you seen at a BSGE centre or General gyne?

Bam_23 in reply to JeanOsborne

I will do thank you. I tried going out again today just to the shops and felt so so so sick and my stomach and back are hurting sooo badly. I'm at the doctors tomorrow as I don't understand it at all. Just a general gyne I think but in all honesty I don't know. :( was just referred to them from the doctors and it's the main hospital near me. Thank you for your reply xx

JeanOsborne in reply to Bam_23

Did they say what stage you were at? If it was severe/ stage 4 then this should only be treated at a BSGE centre. If things don't improve I would get GP to refer you to one . General gynaecologists tend to miss endo , so it might be worth getting a second opinion from a centre if things don't get better.

I do hope that things do improve for you though.

Take care.

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