I have endo in my bowel ovaries and pouch of Douglas and am waiting for the date for my 4 th op in 4 years to remove the endo again. I've had the menopause injection, coil, pill etc nothing helping with pain I take 6-8 co codomol a day for the pain but since last week it's gotten worse. Pulling/dragging pain ok my left ovary I've been to the gp who prescribed sevredol for the flare up but said if no better to by pass gp and out of hours and go to a and e. It's still as bad today (app was Friday) should I go to hospital? Or let it pass

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If it's that bad Hun go to a&e. Are you being seen at a BSGE centre?

I'm in Scotland we have no specialist centres :(

Oh Hun that is really crappy. Go to a&e Hun it might be the only way to get any relief.

You have two specialist centres in Scotland and if a general gynaecologist proposes to operate on the endo you describe they are in breach of regulations. Your GP must refer you to a centre.

I've had 3x operations in 3 years for endo I see a gynaecologist consultant at Wishaw General the Edinburgh centre is private and I have to pay to go and the other centre I believe is in Aberdeen which is 4 hours away from me. I have had hours of consults and the last consultant I saw advised if I wanted to pay for treatment to go to Edinburgh uni to see a specialist again. Edinburgh is over an hour away. My guaranteed date for this op was 8th March so it's now out with the 12 week guideline I'm

Going to work this morning then I will go to the hospital

The Edinburgh centre is under NHS Lothian and referral is through Safehaven. I haven't heard of anyone else having to pay privately. Ultimately if travel distance is a problem for you then I guess it is down to how important proper care is to you. In general gynaecology under surgeons with no advanced excision training (in accordance with RCOG/GMC training standards) you are likely to have many more multiple inadequate surgeries with more and more adhesions complicating matters.

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