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Advice needed please - bowel endo?


Hi all,

I was diagnosed with endo a few years ago and I have had a few ops to remove endo and cysts previously.

I have been fortunate enough to have 12/18 months pain free but I have been brought back to the world of endo pain with a bang. I am in a lot of pain in my abdomen but it is a really deep almost achy like pain, my stomachs feels really heavy and I am getting pain in my groin and down my legs. The pain is worse when i open my bowels or pass water.

My GP thinks it could be endo on my bowel...has anyone here been diagnosed with endo on the bowel/bladder? What symptoms do you have?


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Hi, i have endo on my bowel and my symptoms are similar to yours as in i have pain down my legs, and around to my back because of it, i also have a lot of pain while going to the toilet but saying that i dont pass stool often, because of my endo on my bowel ive gone a month without going to the toilet so I definitely know your pain!

Personally i think its endo on your bowel ( sorry to say that i know its not what you want to hear).

Good luck xx

I have Endo on the outside of my bowels not on the inside so they left it. I do have some pain but it's nothing compared to what it was before. The endoscopy is really quick and was given the all clear straight away. Have it checked.

Hi, I've just recently had surgery and been diagnosed with endo, it covered my bowel but didn't perforate aswell as my bladder, apparently the endo stopped the sigmoid from mobilising. what i experienced was feeling heavy in the stomach, loss of appetite/never hungry, constipation, diarrhoea (would vary day to day), pain when passing, lots of gas issues, abdominal pain (severe - needed strong painkillers just to sleep) and vomiting if i ate foods with certain sugars, i had to go on the fodmap diet to stop the vomiting but these are all the symptoms which were related to my bowel having endo and stooping it mobilising. i had pain when passing water too and constant urgency and was not emptying the bladder fully - this was related to endo being on my bladder. i had the gynae issues too - it's an awful thing really. My surgery was very successful though and no more issues gynae, bowel or bladder wise - but i'm on week 4 post op so ....wait n see i guess! Hope the bowel symptoms don't get much worse and they sort something soon!


I've had severe endo on bowel. I had a bowel resection last Feb and so far felt better but it took a while to for bowel to recover after op. It can take up to 12 months for bowel to heal. Prior to op I was in excruciating pain when going to loo. I'd be shaking, hot sweats and unbearable pain that would come on suddenly which I knew I had to go to the loo urgently. It took over my life for years, leaving me exhausted and drained each time x

Morning all, thank you so much for your replies.

I will call my GP to book an appointment and get referred back to my gyn asap then as I am feeling worse each day, hopefully they can resolve it before it gets as bad as you guys have had it!


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