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bladder problems after insertion of mirena coil - anyone else?


Hi all,

Hope your well.

I had a laparoscopy on friday, where endo was removed and mirena coil fitted.

Since having the lap, I have had the typical aches, and pains expected from the surgery.

However, I have been experiencing very severe shooting/stabbing pains whilst urinating since friday.

The only way I can describe the pain is that it feels very similar to cystitis. It's very difficult to pass urine I have to force it, and when I am urinating I'm having burning/stinging pain at the very bottom of my stomach, near the top of my bikini line. I have been taking oramorph for pain and it usually gives me problems with passing water anyway for some reason, so that may not be helping. But I'm worried about the pains more than anything. After I eventually urinate and stand up, the pain instantly makes me bend over as it is too painful to stand up straight. Has anyone had a similar experience to this? Wondering whether to go see my GP tomorrow to check for a possible infection?

Trying to tell myself not to worry, and it will probably pass but the pain is very severe and I deal with pain quite good considering what us girls go through with endo!

Thanks in advance,

Louise xxx

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Hi louise.

I would try and get into your gp today if poss, or call up the hospital/ward you were on and explain the symptoms. I had the coil fitted whilst under anaesthetic and the day after found that I was getting horrendous pain that was not usual for me in the areas it waa. Coil had started to reject, when it does that it tilts your cervix and you can end up with it stuck to your bladder. Im not saying this is what is happening but if I hadn't have realised something didn't feel right it could have been alot worse.

I don't mean to worry you at all but I wouldn't forgive myself if I ignored this post.

Please keep me updated.

Sarah xx

Thanks for replying hun, your advice was very appreciated! Well good news, I haven't got a water infection my results came back yesterday so that's onw good thing!

I went to see my Gp to talk about the pain, and he said the pain could be a number of things -

It could be from the trauma of the surgery and the treatment of the excision of the endo,

It could be from the internal brusing of inserting the coil.

Or it could be the endo removing itself from my body.

Whatever it may be, thankfully it's getting better and he's given me stronger pain relief! fingers crossed it will get even better when my body heals and gets used to the coil. Thanks again for your advice!

Take care,



Hi I'm having same how long it take for recovery xxx

I recently had a coil put in while under GA with my lap and had these exact symptoms for the first week or so.

Other reasons aside from infection may be:

- Pain relating to them going in through your abdominal wall for the surgery itself, and messing with your ability to use peeing muscles well.

- External pain/ tearing/ bruising relating to putting in the coil. Because you're asleep you can't give feedback on what hurts or not.

The main things I found that helped:

- Going to the loo with a hot water bottle for placement on the relevant bits that got the pain.

- Relaxing on the loo and taking an awfully long time about it. If you relax and sort of let it flow out with gravity helping it's considerably less painful than trying to force it out.

Going to the loo make me tense up because of expecting the pain, so a book and read a page or two to relax first once sat down. That and time and heat. Heat diminishing the pain during peeing also helped me feel a lot less faint and in pain when I got up.

I didn't personally go to the GP about it because difficulty with going to the loo was one of my pre-surgery symptoms also. But do go if you're worried, especially if it's a new symptom for you.

Catlover93 in reply to Torin

Thank you so much for your advice, i really appreciate it. I will most definitely try the suggestions you made. If you look above to my reply to fedupwithendoa, you will see that things are getting a lot better by itself, and that thank god I haven't got an infection! :)

I'm hoping everything will settle as my body gets back to normal.

Thanks again for your comment,

Take care



Louise what was the outcome? I’m feeling similar discomfort and desperately searching for answers


Hi, I am experiencing the same pain uti symptoms but negative results. I went for the coil fitting (marina) it was unsuccessful so i don’t even have it in! It was my first time for the coil and it didn’t work so I won’t be going back for second fitting. Please help! What is it! X

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