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Ultrasound couldn't see my right ovary - being referred for MRI

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Hello everyone, I've never posted on here before so I'm a bit nervous!

I have been having symptoms of endo for a while now, and finally got the courage to go to the doctor about it. My GP was very sympathetic, she did a pelvic exam, swabs, and a urine test which all came back fine. I was also sent for an ultrasound, which I was told was clear, other than the fact that they couldn't see my right ovary.

I've had ultrasounds in the past which have seen both ovaries, and so I'm a bit worried about it. My pain is much worse on my right side - could this mean endo?

My GP is contacting the radiology dept to see if it's worth having another ultrasound or whether to just have an MRI.

Are MRIs useful for detecting endo? I know the only way to diagnose is a laporoscopy, but my GP hasn't even mentioned it as an option. I'm 24 if that's at all helpful!

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Hi Tiffany,

Endometriosis can be seen on a MRI if the doctor knows what they are looking for and what it looks like, it’s normally the specialist Endometriosis doctors that can detect it through MRI, I would be asking to get referred to a gynaecologist, that is the first step so they can rule other things out first, then if everything comes back clear your next step would be to get the gynaecologist to refer you to a Endometriosis specialist, hope this help.

I had the same problem and was told sometimes the ovaries can be behind your bowel so they’re unable to see it at that time. My pain is also worse on the right but I had a lap yesterday and no endo was found even though I have all the endometriosis symptoms. Don’t know if this helps?

I had an internal ultrasound and couldn’t see the left ovary. I have pains in that area, in fact it all started in that area and that’s the reason I first went to the doctors.

My lap is on 15th November so il let you know if anything is found there.


I had all the symtoms of endo and had two ultrasounds and both times noone could find my left ovary. Gynae said that normal sometimes the organs can move and cover it so it no biggy.

I had a lap and nothing was all clear totally healthy all i had was very thick blood so i need to take thinning tablets to stop clotting.

So hope this helps

Hi I had severe endo removed in May 2014. I was having scans every 6 months after that to look out for cysts. Each time they could never find my right ovary and struggle with the left. My pain and symptoms started to return in Aug 2015. I had another lap in March this year and they said my ovaries are stuck to the pelvic wall with adhesions that have grown since the endo was removed. My current surgeon agrees the adhesions could be causing my pain. I am having the adhesions and right ovary removed next month. I can’t wait as the pain is so bad daily again now. I’ve never asked if the fact my ovaries are covered in adhesions is why they struggled to locate them on scans but it makes total sense to me that, that is why.

Like you say you’d need a lap to diagnose endo and as someone else said only a very trained eye can see it on a MRI. I’d def ask to be referred to a gynaecologist if you have endo symptoms. Good Luck.xx

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