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Interstitial cystitis and levator ani

Can someone plse help, I've gone from bad to worse. 5 surgeries for endo, the last one was a success bcuz prior docs weren't skilled. 2 months ago i got inflammed out of the blue, sent me to my gyno who said i might have cancer or need a bowel resection due to endo.He scarred me so i went to the cancer center rectum, vagina, intestines, all were inflammed they removed my only ovary I had left, to no avail there was no endo, positive it was nerve inflammation from pelvic floor, i have interstitial cystitis which has been horrible since surgery on Jan 12, I was diagnosed with levator ani 4 days after surgery and hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction.I'm in so much pain, seeing a naturopathic doc who put me on magnesium so I can have bowel movements everyday, it was magnesium citrate which has helped me to.go but I think it hurts my bladder. What magnesium doesnt hurt the bladder ? Physiotherapist treating me for levator ani gave me a UTI as I told her that her external massage was getting too close to my vagina. I'm on cipro and pyridium for 3 days. I can't sleep bladder pain is so bad. I'm at the end of my rope. I can't work my pain is so bad in my bladder, can't sleep, wake up 3-6 times at night. I have to take some form of magnesium so I can go to bathroom everyday or else spasm in my rectum will get worse from straining. Seems like my bladder will also hurt if i don't have a bowel movement every morning. I dont want to see an I.C. doc as I have in the past and they dont help. Tramadol is the only thing that gets rid of my bladder pain and i only take one a day at 50mg. I can't imagine.going back to work with all this pain . Its worse when Im sleeping. Ive never never had a bladder infection on top of I.C. I'm in so much pain.Doc said if i don't feel better with cipro to come back in 3 days. He said i had inflammaton but thought my white blood count only warranted 3 days of antibiotics.I dont know what to do. It gets worse. When i was 17 a guy gave me the herpes virus, he knew he had it but didn't tell me. I forgot to tell the physiotherapist that is treating me for levator ani that I have it bcuz of everything else I'm going through. She always wears gloves but I noticed I have a lesion on my perinium now and I will definitely tell her. I hope she will still treat me as this rectal spasm i developed 4 days after surgery is so painful they must go in internaly and

Do trigger point therapy. I hope she will still treat me. Please someone help me.

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I don't understand or what u have been through but I had an ex partner that did the same thing as he did to u waste thing I was 5 months pregnant and I nearly lost her it took them 2 weeks to find it and he still didn't come clean for over 6 months later knowing and fight for my believe I don't cheat and I always get checks to make sure I'm clean I knit was him but it to so long for him to tell me nasty piece of work men like that. They still have to treat u and they will not catch it as u know they wear gloves on diffently tell them u have it its easy to for get but it has to be active to pass on so don't panic sweetheart they will treat u still and with respect it wasn't ur fault huni good luck and take care xxx


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