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2days post lap and cystoscopy

I had a lap and cystoscopy on Wednesday to reassess the endo situation, they found the inside of my bladder is badly inflamed and they've taken some biopsies to see what's happening. I also have stress incontinence that can't be treated with tape due to the damage endo and surgery has done to the vagina so next steps are probably a colposuspension surgery to help with the stress incontinence.

Feeling really teary today, in a lot of pain and very nauseous, just so fed up of this condition 😔

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Oh you poor thing. Take care and hope you feel better soon xxx

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Thank you for your reply, all I'm doing is sleeping xxx


Hopefully that will help you feel better soon. I am waiting for my 1st lap and am scared x


Don't be scared they really look after you, the theatre team are really caring and the nurses on the ward really do all they can to make you comfortable. I don't wake up very well from anaesthetic and have problems holding my blood pressure so need a lot of monitoring afterwards. Make a list of any questions you have and take them with you and take a pillow with you for the journey home as the seatbelt really digs into the belly button wound. Xx


Thank you ♡


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