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constant pain and burning in right hip

Hi was wondering if anyone could help me please. My bowel habits changed May of last year, went to GP who gave me Laxido for constipation, one sachet a day to start and increase until regular bowel movements returned. In October last year i went back to GP with more constipation than not so he sent me for X Ray which showed obstruction of feaces, was given Moviprep which cleared me out as i was due for a colonoscopy which was cancelled and waiting on appt. Since taking Moviprep ive had severe burning in lower right abdo and pain and burning on inside of right hip. Im unable to have bowel movement without taking Laxido, pain is severe in morning very stiff and having a full bowel and bladder adds to the pain, im due to see consultant on 22nd of this month do you think this could be connected to Endo? ive never had surgery and im 45yrs old.

Thanks for taking time to read this

Sam x

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Hi Sammy , yes I think it probably is. I have severe endo . The endo on my bowel is causing a obstruction and I too have to take Laxido every day just so that I can go. I know this is a bit strange but are your stools thin? As this would suggest a obstruction.


Thanks for ur comment JeanOsborne, I had x ray which showed obstruction and was given Moviprep to clear me out but im not convinced the obstruction has gone, my stools are thin and long and i never feel that i have completely emptied. Im booked to see a gastro on mon 22nd so im hoping he can come up with answers as my hip is burning still along with burning down leg to knee, will keep you posted x


Hi Sammy, good luck for Monday.



Iam not sure but it could be endo,why don't you try carrots,beetroot and apple juice blend them together in the juicer and drink it early in the morning before breakfast hope this would work for your constipation but it would take time 2 to 3 weeks.

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Please find a physiotherapist. I'm not saying u dont have endo. I thought my endo had come back so I had surgery to remove my final ovary because my stomach, bladder (where majority of endo was) and rectum all became inflammed, out of the blue..I also have difficulty urinating. I've always had problems with straining while urinating and having bowel movements, but i thought it was I.C. anyway after surgery to remove the ovary they found no endo. I started noticing even b4 surgery I was getting this pain in my right hip. I thought it was from lifting too much weight at the gym and I better cool it. This was prior to my surgery. 4 days after surgery I get thie horrible pain in my rectum. It felt like I had a golfball in my ass. I get diagnosed with levator ani syndrome. Its a spasm in the pelvic floor

I was given muscle relaxers which helped but I can still feel it Bowel movements can even cause the spasm. I'm seeing a physiotherpist.for pelvic floor dysfunction. Its not fun. They have to piut a finger in your vagina and rectum and check for trigger points. She thinks the spasms in my rectum are coming from my vagina. I have to go see her weekly to put pressure on the trigger points which is through the vagina. She said the muscle also goes through the hip. Just b careful and stay open minded to pelvic floor dysfunction. It also caused burning in my rectum. These docs wont identitfy PFD, although my colorectal doc did. She still said she cld take out part of my colon so I won't b so constipated. My bowel movements have gotten better I'm post op 4 weeks from surgery and constipation was aweful at first, finally tday was able to go without taking anything but aloe juice. I was at the point where after taking la atives I still cldnt prodice anything. NowI really feel like bcuz II'm not lifting heavy weights and doing exercises I found online for pelvic floor, its starting to get me back. I'm also going to get on bioidentical hormones as my vagina has completely dried out due to no estrogen. I know I have. Endo but I think as long as I mix testosterone and progesterone with it I will b o.k. if your a woman that converts testosterone to estrogen there cld b a prob. I know I don't as I've had it b4. Please find a physiotherapist b4 u go throigh tons of surgery and god bless.


Thank you sweetie for you advice, I have appt to see gastro this coming monday so will keep you posted, and i wish you a speedy recovery x


So sorry to hear they did find a blockage. Was it on a ct scan? My probkem is my bowel doesn't empty fully and now they want to do a defogram. I won't do it. I've had 6 surgeries. I'm done.


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