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Lower right sided pain, ovaries maybe

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I’m currently really suffering with quite severe pain around the area of my right ovary, it’s constant pain which gets sharper at times, my GP has referred me for a scan but I was wondering what I could do to help ease the pain in the meantime, I have to press on the area sometimes to help ease some of the symptoms.

I’m currently taking naproxen buscopan and paracetamol to try and help with it as well as using hot water bottles when I’m able to

Thanks :)

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Hi, I was diagnosed with endo in Sept 2018, I had stage 4 endo. Had my first laprascopy in Aug 2019. Been clear since till January 2021 after catching covid. Just recently gone for my MRI to find out how much endo has come baxk.

In terms of your pain I had the exact same thing except it was on the left. I don't normally take pain relief. But the pain killers that was prescribed to me with stage 4 endo was codeine it helped for 6months but after the pain got a lot worse. whereby only morphine helped.

try and not take too much pain killers as your body will get immune to it and when you really need the pain relief it won't work.

Codeine, peppermint tea, hot water bottle was my best friend.

I am now taking cocodamol for onset endo pain. I had a few flare up since march 2021 I only take one cocodamol pill on the day which settles all the pain.

Any questions feel free to ask. x

Thank you so much for your reply, I only taken the pain meds when needed just been a little more regular since yesterday as I’m in agony, I keep having to like push/press the area to try and ease the pain.I was diagnosed with endo via lap in 2015 I’m just finding this pain incredibly difficult to deal with plus I have a very demanding job where I’m constantly on the go I’m just hoping my scan comes through soon to see what’s going on as I’m really anxious what this pain might be x

When they diagnosed did they not take it all out then ☹ Once the endo is present that pain will only get worse I got it when I was 28 just going on 29. The pain was so extreme I had to use a stick, life was horrible. Mentally and physically it drained me I was admitted in hospital every 2months and was getting behind in work and at the time my work place did not take this seriously nor understood what I had been going through. But I must say since getting it removed, and having my liver tubes also corrected and endo taken out of my bowel too I have not had that sort of pain till this year. But this year its slightly more manageable, not a lot to go a&e. I dread to even go now during this covid regulation and restrictions of not having visitors.

I would say cut down on your cheese and mayo intake too. Have a food diary log on your phone any food that triggers the pain when you get referred to a specialist or gynae tell them the food triggers. I kept a food diary but I didnt rule that food out Completely I just ate it in moderate portions.

I referred myself to a endo specialist as my gynae was taking long to book me in for surgery. That was the best thing I had done for myself since being with them they understood everything and I have managed the flare up at home.

Invest in a tens machine. That will help with the pain too. I got mine from ebay by brand called Hillingdon, £20 that helped with the back pain too.


oh and one last thing, they didn't detect anything for me via ultra, I done a transvaginal which pin pointed where the endo was. Furthermore I had a mri and that pin pointed the bowel, liver tubes and endo behind my uterus and Ovary

Hi, you sound exactly like me. I started with pain in my ovaries on my left side. I was referred for a transvaginal ultrasound which didn’t find anything, then a kidney/bladder scan which again was clear. I ended up in hospital as the pain got so severe it made me sick and it was only then endo got mentioned. I’m now 3 weeks post laparoscopy where I was officially diagnosed with endometriosis, and most of it was on that side where I felt the pain!

In terms of pain relief, I really can’t recommend an electric heat pad enough! I got mine for £20 from Amazon. I also have a Tens machine which massages the area, again didn’t cost me more than £20! Take care of yourself, lots of hot baths help me too. I also take codeine, and tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid - these two work best around period times as they reduce bleeding and cramps, but I’m currently taking them outside my period as I had a coil fitted during the surgery and I’m still bleeding. It would defo be worth asking your GP about these whilst you wait for your scan if you experience more pain during/post period.

And make sure to keep advocating for yourself! Endo is rarely picked up on a scan alone, laparoscopy is the gold standard for diagnosis!

Thank you so much for replying to me I hope your not suffering too much. Oh thank you I will take a look at the heat pads, I do have a tens machine which is usually a godsend but I’m recovering from recent open surgery for a hernia and the tens interferes with my scar it’s a lose lose situation at the minute. I think I’m going to call my GP see what she can do to help me in the meantime xx

Oh bless you, I hope you get some relief soon xx

Hi Joely21 i am the exact same as you. Had a flare up overnight. Really sharp pain lower pelvic area however that seemed to have eased. Seen GP today and got naproxen, only use them for flare up and not full time. Have had cysts last January same side and since covid hit didn’t have my reviewed after being hospitalised. A hot water bottle does soothe it. Hope you get seen soon.

I’m sorry your also suffering, I too am just trying to use the naproxen during a flare up but more regularly at the minute as this pain is really bad, I’m just hoping I get a scan soon to see what they think it might be x

Hi there,

Lower right stomach pain may not be your ovary/endo- I don’t mean to scare you but I was suffering with a similar type of pain and ended up being diagnosed with appendicitis (wrongly, thank goodness)! Did it by any chance start in a different part of your stomach before travelling to the area of your right ovary? If so, I would highly recommend going back to your GP to get it checked out as that’s what it could be. If the pain becomes unbearable make sure you go to A&E as there’s quite a few different things it could be other than your ovary. Heat is a great painkiller for me, maybe that will help? I have a heated blanket (from Amazon) but hot water bottles work well too. Hope you feel better soon, always here to talk if you need. :)

I too have right sided on going pain, have had a hysterectomy and further excision on the right. I have had a failed colonoscopy a few weeks back because my bowel is twisted and now waiting for results of a bowel ct. It’s such a horrible pain and it hurts when I eat and drink. Have had it for years but def getting worse now. When I had excision on the right side I thought that would be a cure but no 😩 apparently I have lots of adhesions and scar tissue so could all be related to that and the twisted bowel. Everything takes so long doesn’t it. Hope u get appt thru soon x

Sorry you are having so much pain

I am currently experiencing horrendous right sided pain

Not sure if overlies it’s like a tight pressing intense pain! Occasionally sharp and stab by pain

I’ve been taking 30 mg of codine with inrophen and parecetamol unfortunately it doesn’t touch the sides

I’m thinking of going back to the doctors! not that they can or will do anything

Hot water bottle gives me a little relief I am also trying to cut out gluten and dairy and red meat to see if it helps

I think my pain is from my ovaries which an ultrasound picked up a cyst 2 years ago and I still haven’t been seen yet…..

Hope you feel better soon Feel free to message if you want to chat xx

I’m sorry to hear your suffering so much as well, I’ve been using a hot water bottle in the evenings and a heat pad to try and get me through the days at work I have a very physical job so it’s not always easy just trying my best to get through xx

Thank you all for your lovely messages of support and advice, I have an appointment for my scan 29th November, the last few days on the side my pain is I’ve had a strange red looking rash on my stomach/top of my thigh which I have no clue what it is.Also today especially I’ve felt so sick most of the day and the pain has been bad could these be connected at all? Xx

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