Red hot poker in groin/hip!

Hi all

Ive had a pain that started in my left hip 6months ago it was just uncomfortable to lye on my side...over the months the pain has got to constant severe pain which i can only describe as having a red hot poker pressed into my groin/back/hip not all at once ...can change patterns..but constant feeling of "pressure" worse when lying down..hence sleepless nights..had x ray on hip...all clear...currently being treated for sus diverticulitis...antibiotics making it worse! I have suggested it may be endo to one of the many docs ive seen but seems to fall on deaf so down and tired..does anyone else have these to pop yet more codiene

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I had this problem for 6 months ive had ct, mri, antibiotics for diverticulitus, xrays, colonoscopy and it turned out after my dr gave me a course of phyios i had a tight pelvic floor and burstitus of the hip...

To me it felt internal.

So maybe take a root that it is ur hip not ur insides


Thanks for your reply..just finished antibiotics..still in lower groin hip back so off to docs next tues i'll mention your condition ...fingers crossed it will finaly get sorted


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