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Pain in right side



I am waiting for further surgery for my endo at the start of next month. 

The problem is I have been having horrific pain in my right side (radiating into my back) all day. I went to the gp out of hours who basically said it wasn't appendicitis or an infection and to keep taking my painkillers. I am taking 60mg codeine and 1000mg of paracetamol and I am still in a lot pain. I now just feel dizzy as well. 

The pain is different than my usual pain. I have a whole host of endo symptoms which I have been managing. Any one had anything similar happen?


D x

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Hi Hun my pain is all right sided too. In my buttocks legs and in both thighs. Pressure feeling down below etc etc the list goes on.. Have you been diagnosed yet xxx

Thanks for your response. Yes, I was diagnosed a few years ago and have already had surgery. I am used to the pain but this is just different than what I usually get. X

Yanno what, I've felt like this all week! Had it before but lasted longer than usual this time, I'm convinced I've got another ovarian cyst tbh, I've got the same symptoms as I had last time, 

I've also felt very emotional and drained, nauseous, I also have messed up bowels too due to having endo on my bowel, and a lot of backache. 

I have endo and adhesions in both ovarian fossa, broad patch and adhesions in pod, endo and adhesions on pelvic wall and both uterosacral ligaments,

I am having a lap to remove my endo on the 6th May, and they are gonna fully investigate too by bsge endo specialist due to having general gynae diagnose my endo so hopefully I will know more after my lap,

Best thing to do sweet, is hot water bottle,  plenty of rest, painkillers and a good mag or crappy TV to take your mind off it 

Hope you feel better soon xxx

Thanks for your response. It awful isn't it :( 

I have PCOS so was wondering if one of my cysts had grown. 

I have endo on my bowel and I am waiting for a resection. Ive already had surgery to remove it from my pod, ligaments etc.

I don't really have much time to rest but I have my heat blanket on.

Good luck with your lap x

Could of done hun? Have to see what the consultant says?

How was the surgery to remove from pod and ligaments? It's my first round for removal so don't really know what to expect :( & thank you hunni xx

My next round of surgery is 4th May so I will talk to my surgeon. 

Surgery was ok, quite long (over 5 hours).

I was sore, very sore when I woke up. But I had morphine which helped and spaced me out haha. I was in hospital overnight but went home the next day. It took me a while to recover and I was off work for 6/7 weeks. 

The surgery did initially help with my pain but because not all the endo was removed it has returned. 

D x

Yours is 2nd as before mine, 

I hope all goes well for you hunni, make sure you tell them about the pain so they can have a good look :)

& ooh sounds like you had a rough time :( 

No good that the pain has returned,  I hope this op helps you out and takes the pain away for you,  I wish you the best of luck hunni,  let me know how you get on :) xxx

Thanks, you too!

Let me know how it goes.

D xx


Sorry autocorrect! Haha x


I had similar pain about 5yrs ago, I ended up in the ER, had an ultrasound, was told that fluid had built up in my left fallopian tube and because I'd had my tubes tied after my 4th child, the tube ruptured causing the pain..the gynae told me she could remove my tube, I had the surgery but unfortunately she couldn't remove my tube. Due to the fact it was infused to my kidney, she said this can happens when you had a few surgical procedures, But I ended up in the ER a couple times more, I was then told these were the result of ovarian cysts, and at 44 put back on the contraceptive pill, 2yrs later I had moved down south from Perth and I ended up in the ER again. This time the hosp referred me to another Gynaecologist and he recommended I stay on the pill, but checking the reports from the previous hospital scans and reports told me that my tube never ruptured, yes it had fluid in there but not enough to cause a rupture, it's common when you have had your tubes tied, he claimed it too was due to an ovarian cyst, for some reason my eggs were not being released from their follicular sac, so we're crystallising and thats what was causing the pain..I still have this pain every so often, I deal with it via pain medications because my only other option is to have a total hysterectomy and I just can't afford the 6weeks recovery time, plus my Gynae said it should be a last resort, but all this will stop once I hit menopause which now at 50 I have...

Thanks for your response.

I hope the pain does stop for you then.

I think it might be cysts as the pain is unlike my endo pain. Thankfully, I am feeling a bit better today.

I am sure I will know either way after surgery.

D x

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