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Newly Diagnosed, Mirena?!


Hi all, I'm 29 and have JUST been diagnosed with endo after 18 years of periods etc... Was never that bad really before my second daughter was born 7 months ago, as I was on the combined pill from 15 until 19, then had my first, then back on combined, then depo, then Cerelle, before coming off to have my second. 21 days after the birth I went back on the Cerelle and it's just been horrific since! I had an ultrasound in October and honestly thought I was going to be told really bad news, as she hovered over my left side for AGES, but it came back clear! Anyway, doc referred me to a gynae, who I saw today, and she said straight away she thought it was endo and strongly recommended the Mirena. Never had the coil before but... Crickey... Felt like I was in labour again! Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and how they found having the Mirena after a progesterone only pill? I think hearing other people's stories will help, as it's kinda got me a bit down in the dumps about it all. I was more than willing to have it all just taken away! Please tell me it helps ease the pain!

PS, does anyone suffer from an aching under their arm / in their boob at that time?! Told the gynae and doc and neither seemed concerned, saying it's probably just hormones?! No lumps or anything?!

Thanks ladies xxx

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Morning, sorry to hear you are not feeling too great. I was diagnosed with Endo in my early twenties and after two laparoscopy's I had the mirena coil to help reduce periods. I have to say it was the best I have ever felt. My periods stopped immediately and hormonally I have never felt more sane. It was tough getting it in (I thought I was going to either pass out or vomit the pain was so bad) and for about a week after I had horrendous cramping but once that passed and everything settled down I didn't have any problems. I unfortunately had to have mine removed about a year after due to an infection but had I been allowed, would have had it put straight back in. Hope you are feeling better really soon and the pain settles down.

Thanks very much! Well, I felt horrific yesterday after the procedure - my womb is tilted too - and I felt like I was going to pass out too. My body was aching loads last night, as though relaxing from tensing so much lol. Anyway, this morning the pain is still there but does seem slightly dulled already today... Don't know if that's just because of the procedure being so painful etc though?! Feels like I have a deep cut inside too, but I think I do, so I'm not surprised haha! All in all though, I'm feeling a little better today. Any tips?! Been using a hot water bottle and had some ibuprofen too, all helping somewhat xxx

Glad to hear you are a little better today. I would just keep up with the hot water bottle, alternate between ibruprofen and paracetamol so you keep on top of the pain, jump in a nice warm bath and get lots of rest. I'm sure in a couple of days you will be feeling much more like yourself again x

Thanks doll :) really appreciate your support. Feeling a bit mixed with emotions at the moment... Happy to have a diagnosis, but unhappy at the same time lol! Do you get much pain now? Xx

Morning, how are you feeling now it has been in a couple of days? Unfortunately, I have numerous gyne problems so I continued to have more surgeries and the endo did return for me. Not a result of the coil though. Had I been able to keep it in for the five years they expect you to, I am sure my outcome would have been a little different. The coil really did work wonders for me. I didnt have a single period whilst it was in, which meant that my symptoms were dramatically reduced. Will keep my fingers crossed for you x

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