Want to give up Cerelle mini pill :(

I have both endo and adenomyosis and I am 42. I have been on the Cerelle mini pill for just over three weeks now and I am getting terrible pelvic and back pains most of the day. I have been told to see how this goes for three months allowing my body to get used to the new hormone and then go to the GP- I don't know if I can hold out that long!

Anyone else had a similar experience and their pains got better after 3 months or would you advise me to see a GP before the 3 months are up? Any advice of what I could do would be gratefully received. I'm trying to avoid Mirena and hysterectomy and combined bcps so choices are v limited.

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  • Cerelle didn't agree with me - bad headaches and anxiety mainly for me. I also had fortnightly light periods. Didn't improve after 3 months so I stopped it. Not sure what I'd do if it was pain as you describe. Maybe others can help?

  • Thanks for your reply DrWatson. I just wondered what treatment you tried after stopping Cerelle and has it worked better? I realise everyone responds differently but good to know what options are out there.

  • I didn't take anything for a while. My immediate reaction to stopping cerelle was a mini depression with 2 days when I couldn't stop crying (so don't worry if this happens!). After that I've been on Yasmin about 18 months. It seems better for me at the moment, although I think I'm quite sensitive to all hormone treatments. I still get problems but things are mostly ok compared to other things I've tried.

  • Thanks for letting me know, it's good to be prepared for what might happen.

  • I have the coil and was on cerelle as well. I couldn't stand it & came off it. I'm now on loestrin 20 and seem to cope with it better. Someone pointed out to me that as cerelle was a mini pill maybe my body needed both hormones. I find it incredibly frustrating trying and waiting. But think it is worth trying different things as everyone's body is different.

  • Thanks Miss_E8, I'm glad loestrin 20 is working better for you, something for me to consider. I'm going to try different pills until I find one that works as you say everyone responds differently.

  • I was on cerazette which seemed to suit me. My GP changed this to cerelle as this was apparently the same product but a cheaper alternative. It really didn't agree with me, I had bad pain, periods started again and awful mood swings/anxiety. Maybe you could ask to try cerazette and see if that helps?

  • Thanks Shell_123, I am going to ask about Cerazette, from what I have read online GPs don't like to prescribe that because it is more expensive than Cerelle so I'll see what I can do. It is strange how it is supposed to be the same ingredients but I have read that so many people find that Cerazette is better than Cerelle.

  • Good luck! I have since had the coil fitted at my last op (3weeks ago) so have stopped taking cerazette, but not so sure it was the right decision!

  • Good luck too with the coil, fingers crossed it works out for us.

  • Just to say I got an appointment with doc today as someone cancelled and I managed to get a prescription for cerazette although the doctor did say she seriously doubted there would be any difference as they have the same ingredients. Well I am willing to try everything and so I was persistent that I wanted to try it. The GP said if this doesn't work there are other progesterone only pills I can try.

  • Glad they listened to you! Worth a try isn't it

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