Best pill to be on with endo?

Hi Endo Sisters!

Just wanted your opinion on the pill. I have recently gone back on Cerelle after i was told the progesterone only pill would be best. However i have bled/spotting for over a month now. No pain which has been great but the bleeding i am worried about as i wanted to stop the endo progressing up until my operation to remove the endo. My doc has now given me Microgynon combined pill and im worried what one to carry on with as my gp didnt even know what endo was 😥

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I think that everybody reacts differently with different pills. Microgynon made me look like a weeble! And my breasts went huge! And really tender (for someone who was already a DD it wasn't something I wanted!) A friend of mine (though she hasn't got endo) felt very positively about Yasmin.

Micronor Mimi pill really helped me x good luck xx

Hi I am only being investigated for Endo but I was eventually put on Yasmin as a teen after various issues with the other pills and some absolutely epic pain - which was the reason to try the pill in the first place.

Yasmin seems to have been really, which was affirmed when I was recently switched to the mini pill and then Celeste which both did me no good in terms of spotting, acne and pain. I was then placed on one called Lucette. It's apparently exactly the same as Yasmin but cheaper...

Do google Yasmin though, it's had some bad press.

Thank you!! I will do that, so far the cerelle pill has given me no side affects just spotting!! So not sure wether to give it another month and go from there x

I brought my 16 year old to a gynecologist at children's hospital. I suggest a specialist because primary care docs might not have the experience with endo.

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