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Mirena Coil Scratching?

Just wondering is anyone else has had this?

I am 19, had my second laparoscopy 6 weeks ago where they found very severe endo pretty much everywhere apart from my womb. I also had a mirena coil inserted during the surgery to control my endo afterwards (as I dont agree with the pills/injections). Since, I have been getting a scratching pain going ... up me (hard to explain). A day after my release from hospital I was sent back into hospital for 4 days on a morphine drip because this scratching was so bad. The nurse told me the mirena is still in place, so it hasnt moved. Since, I am getting this pain about every other day.

Can anyone relate?

Thank you, hope you are well :)

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Aww bless you, ive just had mine out as i started to experience a sharp scratchy pain, and 2 thrush infections in a row, i found out that my coil had slipped down.

Do you feel that your threads have got longer?


Oh I am sorry to hear that. I hope you find some alternative relief. And to be honest, my threads where checked when I was in hospital and they told me they were cut too short. Do you think that could be it?


I doubt the threads would be giving you this scratchy pain, but maybe if one has gone up your cervics, not sure.

If i was you best to get your threads checked


Thank you :) God its such a worry. My Nurse told me it could be the stitches I had during my surgery, but she highly doubts that. Thank you for your response :)


I know tell me about it, had mine removed and so glad cause all i did was worry x


I do know what you mean about the scratchy feeling hun! I get it with my coil it's always been the same tbh xx


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