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Cerelle mini pill and affects on endo

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I recently had a laparoscopy (a week ago). I went to see my GP yesterday to discuss time off and contraception. luckily she gave me another week off work. She also put me on the cerelle mini pill. unfortunately my BMI was slightly too high for the combined pill. I was just wondering if many others have been put on the mini pill and if it has affected their endo. I have heard that this pill can stop periods all together or do the opposite and make you bleed more often.

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Hi Emilily

I have a mirena coil but it didn't completely stop my cycle, just made them irregular. I too have a high BMI and since my diagnosis I have been given Cerazette, also a mini-pill. It took a month or two for my body to settle but it has stopped my cycle and 'fingers crossed' has helped numb my pains for about the last 18 months.

That's good to hear. The last thing I want is to make my endo worse then what it is.

I have also just been reading the side effects and it says that you shouldn't take this pill if u have had ovarian cysts.

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I wasn't informed of that but prior to my diagnosis of endo I had various exploratories to locate the pain and was checked for cysts which was clear. Best to speak to you GP if you're unsure.

I took cerelle for about 4 months after my lap last year. In hindsight I think it did help with my symptoms as they have got much worse since coming off it (pains etc). I came off it as i thought it was giving me a lot of headaches and making me anxious. It didn't stop my periods either but made then very light and totally random. I could bleed for 2-3 weeks then off a bit then back on.

All the BC pills and mirena too are not great for ovarian cysts - but what option do we honestly have? Far better to stop the damage from endo and deal with the occasional cyst.

I had 3 cysts before mirena and 2 since. All in under 4 years. Two exploded. One I knew nothing about 8cm and hadn't a clue it was there. One other surgically removed at the same time as Mr Big 8cm one, and the current one which has been mildy grumbling for many months now. Getting worse of late.

All are peferable to having the hell of my monthly periods and ovulations.

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rebecca14 in reply to Impatient

How does this pill stop the damage of Endo?

I’ve been put on cerelle only om my third month but does seemed to have stopped my period but occasionally get spotting. Not been on the pill for about 4 years previous to this so think my body is still getting used to it. I still get some pain but not as bad as when i was having my period. Not had a lap so no idea how bad my endo is or if i definitely even have it but i have all the symptoms consistent with it. Hope this helps. X

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