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Pill advice ! Cerelle and moods

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My consultant has advised that my post op aftercare should include taking the pill to "shut down" my periods etc.

despite having the merina coil since march I still have horrendous periods.

I'm mid 20's and have never taken the pill before as I've always suffered from bad migraines.

I took the combined pill for two weeks, no periods and felt great, except I had one horrendous migrane where I lost my vision.

The doctors have now said I can never take the combined pill again for risk of stroke. So I have been put on Cerelle.

Within a week of taking Cerelle I was having the worst period which was so painful. I also noticed my mood completely drop. 4 weeks in and I'm just so sad and depressed all the time (even over christmas!)

My family and partner have all noticed and encouraged me to speak to the doctor and change my mini pill.

The doctor told me there wasn't another pill I could take and they would all do the same thing. She asleep advised me to stop taking the pill!

Has anyone else taken a different pill and have any to recomend as I dont believe my doctor!

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I'll be honest, I'm so glad the doctor was honest with you.. So many fob you off! I was on the mini pill for 4.5 years and I spiralled into a pit, doctor kept telling me it couldn't be that but I ended up in therapy and they took me off the pill right away. Everyone's different, I tried 3 combined pills and ended up with headaches and sickness. And the mini pill and mirena coil caused depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I won't touch hormones now, but other than that it's just trial and error. X

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Lollie26 in reply to melodyxo

Do you have a non hormonal method to stop your periods and deal with endo?

It's crazy how after just a week everyone around me could see the effect this pill was having on me. I've never taken the pill before for this reason

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melodyxo in reply to Lollie26

It is isn't it!! My partner didn't recognize me after 2 weeks on the mirena coil! I was a mess! I don't unfortunately, I tried to IUD but it made it all 20x worse.. I'm not on anything at the moment,.. Just using condoms and painkillers. Looking into accupuncture though!

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Lollie26 in reply to melodyxo

Yes acupuncture is supposed to be fantastic, my doctor said I can't get it on NHS but my consultant said you can.

The mirena was very hard to get used to, and I had just begun a new relationship so thank god he was so understanding!

I have had it for 11 months now and I can't really notice any side effects, down side is it doesn't stop my periods - hence why I'm taking the pill also

Please let me know if acupuncture works for you

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endo180909 in reply to melodyxo

so how do you manage your endometriosis?

I nearly gave up on Cerazette after 4 weeks but I stuck it out for 3 months and I've seen improvements. The only thing I really hate is it's turned my curly hair straight, which has been bad but I guess it could always have been worse haha. I advise sticking some out of them out a little longer, they say 3 months but I've been on a new pill every 3 months for a year or so and it's made me feel awful x

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