Heartburn and trapped wind!

I've been taking co-codamol along with nurofen (every2 hours swapping between them both) and I also take omeprazole every morning to help protect my stomach. I have now been put in to naproxen twice a day with paracetamol in between.

I am getting terrible heartburn after eating anything, and by late afternoon I get bad trapped wind with bloats my stomach making clothes tight - but it doesn't want to come out of either end... 😕

Does anyone else experience this? Any tips?


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  • For the trapped wind try peppermint tea, it helped me loads!

  • I don't do tea, or even hot drinks... But I might have to give it ago..... 😕

  • Hey, I hope this isn't a silly thing to suggest, but are you taking the nurofen with food? I know Ibuprofen can cause the same sort of issue if it's not taken with food & they're basically the same type of thing aren't they...?

    I had a similar problem with having tablets without food after my last op... thought something was really wrong & then found out what I was doing wrong! :-/


  • Oh I am very strict about eating before taking any form of pills - unless told to take on an empty stomach!!!

    Even if I'm ill, I will force myself to eat something before hand!!!


  • Hrm I thought you would probably be! Would have been too easy an answer ;-) x

  • If only it was that simples!!!! 😊

  • I too have endo and I'm on all the pills you are. Have you been told your sore stomach is linked to endo? My doctor thinks mine is an ulcer but not sure. I've lost 2 stone in a month and keep bleeding even though on the pill with no breaks x

  • They said they don't want it to turn to an ulcer! Which is all well and good, but filling our bodies with pills rather than getting us to see the right people it will most probably end up that way... Just something else to worry about!

    My weight loss is due to not being able to eat much at all, just feel full really quickly which is a pain!

    I was also doing a tri-pack on my pill, as advised by one doctor, then told it wouldn't make any difference by another - wish they would make up their minds!!

    If your bleeding you should go see the doc just to check things out, they will probably change their mind again!!


  • I get terrible heartburn during my period. I must admit when I wake up in the middle of night in pain I sometimes take pills with no food. Anyway I take Gaviscon the edible tablets or fresh Ginger tea which relives the discomfort . Try it!

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