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Pain and blood for over six weeks now, when will my cycle stop

I have been experiencing bleeding for around six weeks with only a couple of days of break in between. Over the past two years it has been getting considerably worse. I'm getting pain during sex and the doctors put it down to being allergic to latex but this diagnostic was done with out any tests, I'm, constantly getting cramps and pains and some even spread to my stomach and lower back. i'm constantly tierd and its creating a constant depression mood. what is this and why do the doctors just keep giving me different contraception pills, implants, injections to try its surely something else!!!???

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I mainly wanted to no if this could be Endo, a friend of mine had it and i helped her through all her appointments, just sounds very simular


If you have been dignosed with endometriosis - all the symtoms you describe are common signs of endo.

Sex pain being a reaction to latex is easy enough to check out. either try sex without a condom or purchase latex free ones to see if that helps.

I very much doubt it is a latex issue and much much more likely to be adhesions restricting the movement of the vagina and cervix possible holding them with glue out of position and even constricting them like a corset preventing the vagina from expanding without stretching and tearing the adhesions. And when you do that it just makes the sitution worse because it encourages more of them to grow on the new wounds.

Use the search box on the green bar at the top of the page and type in sex pain.

there will be dozens of previous discussions on this topic because it is so common with endo ladies.

The only ways to be combatting endo are surgery to remove what is already there

and methods to stop your periods which considerably reduce the chance of new endo spreading from backflow of period blood containing endo cells from the uterus travelling along the fallopian tubes.

Fatigue is something none of us have as yet found a cure for.

Failing to clot bleeding wounds mking your periods last forever is possible to do something bout. In the short term there re blood clotter drugs. The one I used was called Tranexamic acid, but there are others. You cannot use them for more than 4 days a period, but nything to top up the blood clotting abilities of your blood is going to help even if it doesn't stem the entire flood it should make the bleeding a lot lighter.

The depression is coming from you being unwell, rundown, exhausted and not being in control of the problem. Again anti-depressants can help - but so too can taking positive steps to getting things done to combat the endo and not let it take over everything.

Your GP should be referring you to gyne surgeon who specialises in removal of endo for more surgery.

Personally I found hving the mirena coil brillint s it stopped my periods and cramps and PMT etc, but it takes ages to begin to work 4-6 months. So you do need to be prepred to put up with ll the tweeks and twinges and normal bad periods till it does start to work for itself.

Taking back to back BC Pills can reduce the number of periods in a year to 3 or 5 which is a lot better than 12 periods tha t just never seem to stop.

All the bleeding will probably by now have caused you to become anaemic - quick blood check at the GP surgery will confirm this, and for that you need to increase the iron rich foods you eat and take iron supplement tablets too. (Available from ny chemists) This may help the tiredness and depression too. GP can also check your thyroid activity to see if there is any disruption there that can be addressed.


Thank you for your response, but this is my point. the doctor hasn't diagnosed me with anything. they constantly are fobbing me off with oh it this pill, of its latex. me and my partner have latex free condoms and its still as bad. how do i get them to just let me have a scan or what ever to check. im currently sat at work in agony with back and pelvis problems and it has already taken me over a month to get a normal doctors appointment!


Change GP asap - check online for other surgeries near you nd see if they have a GP that specialises in women's health issues.

With that catalogue of clues - there's plenty enough to request a referal to a gynaecologist and mean time your GP can arrange blood tests - the CA125 is one that can point to endo but is not always reliable.

And a scan to rule out cysts, fibroids, adeno, swollen fallopian tubes and organs stuck in the wrong place.

ndo does not show up on a scan, but ruling out all the other usual suspects narrows down the search towards having a lap op to look for endo.

Keep a pain diary - so you can prove that your symptoms are bad and are possibly following a pattern that ties on with your menstrual cycle.

e.g. pain or bleeding at ovulation

patterns of constipation before a period and bloating of the tummy followed by diarrhoea when you are on, or lots more loo trips.

How long your period lasts, heavy or light flow, pain levels and what meds you are taking. Writing everything down that is not normal you not being on a period.

It all adds evidence which can point to endo, and along with test results and scans etc should be enough to convince the gynae surgeon to explore the possibility of endo.

The starting point is a supportive GP who knows what they are talking about. Having an old dinosaur will get you no-where. So change GPs, it may only need you to see a different one in the same surgery - but if they don't have one specialising in womens health then you have to find one and go see them about this.

Do not suffer in silence and do not keep being fobbed off. Something is wrong, and you know it and if your GPis not willing to investigate then you need a new GP.

Same with the gynae - if your gyne is not helpful or not an expert in endo surgery once endo is confirmed then switch to an endo specialist gynaecologist rather than using a standard fertility gynaecologist.


thank you you have been really helpful


Im sorry to hear all this, you suffer the same as me. To be honest I've been like this since I was 19, Im now 32. The only reason they found the endometriosis is because they thought I had appendicitis so did a investigatory laparoscopy. Its only taken them 17years to get it right!! Only prob is they have now left me waiting for 2nd lap to sort the endo (18 wk waiting list), on a 23day bleed & counting and taking tramadol for the pain. They have not been that helpful for me in the meantime of waiting for op but you need to change your Drs as Impatient said & get a second opinion. Its not condoms & to be honest some contraception helps endo, mirena, depo, pill. So putting u on it will help it in a way but you defo need diagnosing so at least yu are on the right path.

Please get a second opinion, its not right you stay suffering. Hope you are sorted sooner then later xx


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