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Endometriosis pain in stomach and upper legs

Hello everybody I am wondering if anybody has pain in their stomach and any lumpy bumpy feeling around the stomach area? I have been having a lot of pain all over my body, specially my thighs and stomach area before and after my periods. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis since two years but the pain is just getting worse every time and I am starting to have consistent pain all over my body.

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Hi moonlight2016 i had the exact same symptoms and my legs used to feel so heavy and i could not touch my skin as it was so sensitive......this all led to me having a hysterectomy 8 weeks ago where they found i had some large fibroids too (even though i had scans they wasnt picked up before surgery).

I put up with the pain, heavy periods, mid cycle pain for years and it got progressively worse until at 38 i had full hysterectomy and im now on hrt. This is not an operation I advise you rush in to as I had so many complications after surgery and it is not actually the magic cure that they make it out to be.

Have you thought about having the merina coil fitted?

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What complications have you had since you had your hysterectomy? I am going for 2nd opinion for keyhole hysterectomy tomorrow?


I ended up with paralytic ileus which caused my bowel to twist and I also got sepsis.....they dont tell you that therd is a real chance of this complication due to the nature of the surgery. At 4 weeks post surgery i ended up back in hospital with a collection where my ovary had been removed so back on antibiotics i went. I am now 9 weeks post op and i have so much pain in my pelvis and having bladder issues too. As things are at the minute I really wish I had not had the surgery as I have more complications than what ive had relief....i know this is not everyones experience but just be aware things dont always work out for the best.


They have exaimed about the risks to me. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through and hope you recover soon. My mind is all over the place. Well let's see what happens tomorrow. Take care xxx


Hi Moonlight2016,

My back and legs get sore and I also have restless legs...not sure if linked to endo?

I had my lap last Nov and the endo pain has gone in my pelvic area, however my bowel/stomach area is constantly in agony. It is interesting you say about lumpy as I too have found a lump a few times on the right side of my bowel or whatever ot is a bit lower down from my ribs. I can feel it prominentely for a couple of days then will vanish. I may feel another random one somewhere else on another occasion...

The body is a strange thing x

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I have stomach pain a lot it comes in flares but my stomach is always tender to touch 😮 I am though being tested for gastro stuff 😮


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